British Antarctic survey scientists believe that between 30 and 50 million years ago, South America and Antarctica split apart very quickly in which Drake Passage was formed which resulted in a global major cooling. The Drake Passage stretches for less than 1000 km. Currents at this latitude meet no resistance from any landmass anywhere on the planet and that is the fact why the Drake Passage is rough. Water within the Drake Passage forms the most voluminous current in the world with a measured rate of flow between 3,400- 5,300 million cubic feet/second.


You may recognize this lake from the movie Blood Lake attack of the killer lampreys, back in 2014. Several Lake Champlain lamprey attacks served as an inspiration for the film. Lampreys are ancient blood sucking fish that looks like a snake that latch onto other fish with their razor- sharp teeth to feed on their blood and nutrients. They also attack human beings especially in British rivers and lakes where they are on a rise.


Rio Tinto River originates in the town of Nerva and runs through the Southwestern region of Spain. For approximately 5,000 years copper, gold and silver have been mined along the river. Rio Tinto is still a beautiful place to visit but definitely not to swim though and this is due to the fact that the ecosystem of bacteria in the river that oxidizes metals found in the water causes the water to turn a bright red. The high acidity keeps people away from the water. The bacteria in the water provide conditions similar to those found in other areas in the solar system.


Dead Sea may seem like an impossible place to drown thanks to the buoyancy it gives swimmers but you can absolutely drown in the Dead Sea just not in the normal way. It was confirmed as the second most dangerous place to swim in Israel. When a person floats on their back there is no problem but if they turn and float with their stomach, the water is so dense that it can be hard to stand up or even push the limbs down into the water to turn on their backs again.


Located on the East Alligator River in northern Territory, Cahill’s Crossing is notorious for its crocodile infested water and human misadventure. Each year, dozens of brazen divers attempt to make it across the submerge crossing but instead they end up being washed away into the crocodile infested water. Others risk their lives by fishing standing alongside the water. A survey was done last year by rangers and they counted 120 crocodiles in a 6 km stretch South of Cahill’s Crossing.


Potomac river is a 14 mile stretch that extends from the Key bridge in Colombia North district to the great falls of the Potomac. Potomac is a popular site for outdoor activities like boat fishing but there is no doubt that this river is deadly as we are going to see. The water rushing through Potomac River creates roiling underwater currents in even the calmest looking areas. The currents of the river can quickly capture swimmers making it a dangerous place to go swimming.



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