One of the things that will not be available in FIFA 21 is the Bayern Munich stadium, the Allianz Arena. Back in 2020, Pes acquired the license for that stadium. At the time, pes put out a tweet that said the Allianz Arena will be exclusively available in pes2020 which means that pes will be the only football game that one can play in the stadium. The Bayern Munich chairman said that he was delighted to have signed a long term deal partnership with Konami. It is going to be a multiyear deal. So we expect the Allianz Arena to be missing for a while.

VAR has become a football main feature these days and it has been around for a few years now and EA has been slow to adopt this feature in their game. FIFA 21 will not have VAR. EA have announced their game play features and done a few interviews and they have confirmed that VAR will not be in the game.

There are also a number of removed celebrations that are not available in FIFA 21. There are already two confirmed celebrations removed celebrations. EA said that they removed some celebrations including the shorsh and aok foot celebration. They are planning to make more changes in this area as well. The game producer said that the only intention is to play the game and not to do other unnecessary things.

AS Roma and Stadio Olympico will also miss in FIFA 21. Roma recently signed a deal with pes to be exclusive on that game. This is going to be a multiyear deal, at least three years. This means that Roma will not only miss in FIFA 21 but also FIFA 22 and FIFA 23. We don’t really know what happenng with Stadio Olympico, the Roma Stadium is. In the press notes it didn’t say it was going to be exclusive to pes but it is coming to pes which means that there is a chance that FIFA 21 will not have it.

Now this is a much big thing for online matches but EA has confirmed that they have removed the walk back cinematic after a goal in the online matches. So if you liked it, it’s gone now for it won’t be in FIFA 21 but I think it’s a good thing they got rid of it for it saves you time because you don’t want to watch walk back cinematic.

There are some players that will not be in FIFA 21 because they are retiring this season. Some of these players include Leighton Baines from Everton, Mario Gomez, Andre Schurrle, Aduriz. These are just but a few players who are going to retire this season which means that they are not going to be in FIFA 21.

You also won’t be able to play ultimate team co-op with different consoles. So if your friend has an X box one or the Xbox series, you can’t play foot-cop with them or PS4 and PS5 consoles. You have to be o the same platform and that was confirmed as well. That is not good news at all.



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