Today we are going to look at some of the smart phones with the best camera and compare their cameras. We will tell you which phones capture great photos at night, the ones that help you zoom far and away with amazing clarity and the ones that are great for recording a video.


The Google pixel phone is often underrated and criticized but still this phone remains on the top list of the camera rankings with a simple two camera sets on its back that capture images with incredible dynamic range and beautiful colors both during the day but especially if you are shooting in the dark where there is low light. It however has one disadvantage and that is the lack of a dedicated ultra wide camera and the advantage of a wide range camera is the ability to shoot in tight spaces and capture stunning shots.


It is not only one of the most expensive phones on the list but also one of the most versatile camera setups. The S20 ultra phone has an incredibly massive 108 MP main sensor that uses a clever technique combining 9 pixels into 1 to create a stunning 12 MP final shots. It has 4 times zoom periscope telephoto camera that Samsung ha managed to fit in which allows you to get incredibly clear pictures at 5 times or even 10 times zoom. The phone has got ultra wide lens for epic shots and a depth camera for more accurate portrait capture.


Everyone is for sure aware of the iPhone phone. There is no need for introduction. The phone provides excellent images during the day with pleasing colors and now finally apple has introduced a night mode that is automatic. The phone features a 12 MP main camera and then a 2x zoom telephoto camera and then an ultra wide shooter as well. It is able to record crispy clear footage at 4K and as much as 60 frames per second plus it has got reliable focusing and great video stabilization. One thing missing from this phone however is a zoom camera that can capture clean detail at 10x zoom like android phones can.


 One plus 8 pro features a triple camera system with a 48 MP main shooter that combines 4 pixels into 1 so you end up with a great looking 12 MP final shot. It also got a 3x zoom telephoto camera and an ultra wide shooter and it shoots good looking photos at both day and night.


In 2020 Chinese company, Oppo, has quickly made use of the opportunity and introduced a new phone that is the Oppo Find 2x Pro that is now available all around Europe and many other countries. With a 5x periscope zoom lens being the big highlight, the Find 2x pro is one of the finest mobile zoom machines you can get and it captures good looking shots bot during the day and at night.



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