Zoom is among the leading software applications that allow one to virtually interact with people through a video call or audio where one is not able to meet physically. Zoom is an important tool in our everyday life for communication with family, friends, and co-workers where the in-person meeting is impossible. One can join a zoom meeting through a webcam or use their smartphones. It has 300 million users who participate in zoom meetings on a daily basis.

Zoom breakout rooms are one of the important features in Zoom that allows one to split zoom meetings into different sessions with a maximum of 50 separate sessions. The one hosting the meeting can decide to split the partakers either manually or automatically. The host can also allow the participants to choose and enter into breakout sessions however they wish.

This feature of breakout rooms in Zoom has become a game-changer in the digital world. It is important in education, especially in long-distance learning and work meetings where workmates are unable to meet in person. Breakout rooms are also a means to split a large meeting into smaller meetings.

 This feature has also eased learning as teachers can split students in different breakout rooms just the same they do while in class for discussions thus giving teachers and students an easy time while studying.

Process of creating breakout rooms in Zoom.

  1. One will start by log into zoom.us site. One should not enter into the application itself so as to access the breakout room.
  2. One should then sign in by putting their username and password on the site.
  3. Select the “My Account” button to begin.
  4. On the “Personal” heading one should then tap on “Settings”.
  5. One should then go under the Meetings tab. One should then go “In Meeting(Advanced)” to start setting up for the breakout room.
  6. One should then enable a breakout room. Here, one can also pre-schedule a breakout room by choosing the box below the breakout room button. This will enable one to choose who will go to what breakout room before the commencement of the meeting.
  7. Once you have enabled the breakout room feature, one can start a meeting by selecting “Breakout Rooms” and start the meeting.

How to create breakout rooms in your Zoom calls.

  1. One should open the Zoom application on their computer and log into the application by providing a username and password.
  2. On should then select “New Meeting” or “Schedule” depending on whether you want the meeting immediately or later. One should be the host of the meeting in order for them to create breakout rooms.
  3. Once the meeting begins, at the bottom an icon will pop up that was not there before “Breakout Rooms” and one should click on the icon.
  4. At this point, one can let Zoom allocate the breakout rooms to the participants, and into the number of rooms you have selected or one can set the rooms manually.
  5. Once you have affirmed your settings ready for breakout rooms, one should click on the “Create Breakout Rooms” button to start the meeting.

How to manage a Breakout Room.

  • One should first click on the room o see the people in it. One can rename, delete, assign people to different rooms.
  • One should also click on the “Options” toggle to enable one to set the breakout rooms.
  • Once here, one can set breakout rooms to close within a specified amount of time. One can even choose the amount of control they want the partakers of the meeting to have in relation to the time they want in the sessions. One can also set a timer to let the people in the meeting know long they have in the meetings.
  • One should then pick “Open All Rooms” to start your breakout room meeting. One can then click on “Recreate Rooms” and this will allow them to place the participants in the order they like.



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