One of the biggest wrestlers to ever walk towards the ring was born in 1972. On 8th of February the great wrestler Paul Donald White was born, and who knew he was going to be one the greatest wrestlers. He was one of the dreaded wrestlers because of his gigantic physique. He was threatening even with just his gaze. Everyone knew that Show was going to be great the first time he appeared on stage with his big chest and, won the WCW World Champ title after defeating Hogan. From the moment he dropped into WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) he fought his was way to win a substantive amount of titles.

He was hired in various jobs after his schooling. He worked as bouncer, a price hunter and also receiving calls. The Giant was noticed on Bonaduce radio show which had first timers singing contest. His huge nature made Bonaduce introduce him to Hogan who was then his friend. Hogan was impressed by Wight in the unofficial basketball entertainment that was meant to promote the next show. Show amused the crowd with his charm. This prompted Hogan to introduce Wight to Eric who was the then Vice President of the WCW.

Through Eric, Show got a deal in the WCW as he thought he could be a great wrestler as he had previously fought at a show at the WWA (World Wrestling Association) show. This was in 1994 in Clementon. He had lost but everyone knew he had much potential that needed to be tapped. Show had also previously asked Bob a wrestling promoter for a chance in wrestling but he was turned down as he had no familiarity whatsoever in wrestling.

Starting his career of in the year 1994, The Big Show was destined for greatness in the Wrestling Universe. Big did not care about who was on his path or against him, because he knew he would walk all over them. From the moment he decided to be a wrestler, he never looked back not even for a second. He got a contract with the World Championship Wrestling where he brought hell to everyone who dared him. Due to his outstanding huge chest and, tall nature, the fans gave him the name The Giant.

At WCW which he was signed in 1995, his first appearance in the ring, he was nick named the son of Andre the Giant as he was huge. However, that was dropped and he used The Giant as his stage name in the ring. He won his first appearance fight against Hogan after Hogan’s manager betrayed his wrestler. The manager made Hogan to be disqualified from the fight hence Show won the WCW world heavyweight champion.

This title was later stripped off from Show due to controversies surrounding it as Hogan manager was later The Big Show’s manager. He confessed that the contract with Paul had predetermined that he had to strip the title from Hogan only via disqualification. This did not stop Show from his vision of being the best as he entered the sixty man match. In this match he was one of the finalists of 6 people who remained in the ring before he was eliminated.

The Big Show’s Achievements.

  1. He has won the WWF tag team Champ Title twice. In this two title one he was tagged with the Undertaker who was a nemesis.
  2. He held the WCW World Heavyweight Champ title twice.
  3. Show is a three time WCW World Tag Team Champ Title. This was with three different wrestlers.
  4. He won the Intercontinental Champ title, US.
  5. He is the 24th Triple Crown holder.
  6. Show won the 12th Grand Slam.

This giant of a man was a true definition of someone who never gave up. He was not given a after numerous trials to enter into the wrestling profession but he never gave up. The Show went to train after he was not accepted by wrestling promoter who denied him a chance due to no experience in wrestling. He made sure to train and, gain experience in order to re-try for a chance in wrestling. This shows his resilience in following his dream and, this is something that should be emulated by all.

There is no doubt that The Big Show will forever be remembered as one the greatest wrestlers in the wrestling history. Even if after WWE he ventured into acting, he is still great in acting as he has his own show on Netflix. The show is a name that will always be mentioned in the conversations of wrestling and, movie fans.



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