Vitamin E is also known as Tocopherol. Vitamin E is at soluble and has antioxidants in it which helps in having a young look for a long time.


Sunflower seeds is high in fiber and serves as good food for having a healthy digestive system. They are loaded with a good amount of fiber and presence of vitamin E in them. They can be sprinkled on yogurt or can be add along in a salad.


Almonds are food that packs a good punch of vitamin E in every serving. They can be taken as a topping or desert or it can be taken roasted as the roasted version of it is delicious.


Peanuts are a considerable source of vitamin E. They have in them the goodness of proteins, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Peanuts are also high in fiber content that helps to maintain a good digestive system.


Avocado is a one of a kind fruit that is loaded with all the important nutrients that is required by the human body. Avocado plays a major role in the human body as it provides all the required nutrients by the body and furthermore the nutrients in avocado collaborate with agents that tend to improve the immune system in the human body.


Spinach helps in improving the eyesight and also in giving a glowing skin as it is high in vitamin E, manganese, iron and other nutrients. Vitamins B and K are also found in this leafy green vegetables.


Swiss chard is a complete source of vitamins and nutrients. It has vitamin A, C, E and K alongside with other nutrients such as magnesium which is essential for the body. It can be taken raw or can be taken as a salad.


It is a vegetable that has good amounts of vitamin E in it along with other nutrients. It is delicious and does common in many good- taste foods or rather dishes.



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