Healthy digestion is important for your general wellbeing. Unfortunately many people have digestion issues such as constipation and diarrhea. People with such conditions often turn to foods that are easy to digest. There are also at times where you need these simple digestible foods for example when you want to take a long run. In this article we will be looking at six foods that are easy to digest.

  1. RICE.

Rice contains many carbs and very little fiber and that makes I really easy to digest. Brown rice contains the most nutritious and fibrous parts called bran and germ and this makes it a healthier choice than white rice which has these nutritious parts removed. Your body will digest the white rice faster than the brown one. The white rice is converted to sugar at a faster rate and that is because it has no fiber to slow down the digestion.


Eggs are definitely one of the most nutritious foods around. Egg whites are pretty much proteins and are easy to digest. The egg yolk contains all the nutrients but there are also fat, and that can be difficult for some people to process. I recommend that you boil eggs rather than frying them in any oil or fat just because the extra fat or oil can disturb the stomach as well.


Lean meat like chicken and turkey and even fish are really easy to digest. They are mainly protein; they contain no carbohydrates and fiber that could bring out digestive problems. It is best to cut off the skin off the meat as that contains fat which are not as easy to digest as the meat itself.


Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and they contain several important nutrients. Potatoes that have not yet been cooked contain a lot of starch that is not digested. However, potatoes are not usually eaten raw. Cooking potatoes makes these starches easily digestible. Boiled potatoes are a better option for easy digestion than baked potatoes as they contain less resistant starch.


Unripe bananas have a high amount of starch which could lead to a digestion problem but as the banana becomes ripe, the starches inside it break down into simple sugars which in turn are easy for the human body to digest. Additionally, when bananas ripen, a type of fiber called pectin starts to break down and this softens the banana and this makes it even more digestible.


Some types of yogurt are very rich in probiotics that are really good for your gut health and digestion. Eating these probiotics help your gut area remain healthy. Yogurt may also prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics, especially in children.

Just so you know, consumption of milk products usually causes a stomach upset for those people who are lactose intolerance. However, many people who are lactose intolerant can eat in moderate amounts. There is much less lactose in yogurt than milk as the lactose in milk is broken down by the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt into lactic acid.



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