Today we are here to talk about something that we personally think is super fun and super interesting and amazing which is home cooking. How you eat and spend on food is the biggest defining factor in most budgets besides rent. In the interest of getting you all equipped to be ultimate home cooks, we put together some of the foods that everyone should know how to cook for themselves.

  1. STIR FRY.

Whether it is based with basil, ginger, garlic or all of the above, a good basic stir fry will allow you to make use of almost every protein and vegetable you have on hand. Stir fries are one of the best ways to get into more complex Asian cooking.


I am going to tell you a little secret about quiche. If you have eggs and milk, you can basically make quiche. Quiche are easy to make and moreover they are healthier but they also mean that you need essentially no special ingredients and when there is an ideal measurement for the milk to egg ratio to make it the perfect level of fluffiness, it’s almost impossible to mess it up. You can even get extremely interested and make many quiches in a muffin tin to be your breakfast every day.


Whether its chili or red beans and rice or a bean vegetable soup, beans are great and they are full of proteins that keep you satisfied and they are also cheap. The best part about bean soup is you make a huge batch, freeze half of it and the rest of it you can just take out when you need.


Basically quick breads just means breads that don’t need to rise i.e. things like banana bread, pumpkin bread, walnut bread etc. Quick breads are almost impossible to mess up even for the most atrocious bakers. You can slice them up into individual servings that defrost perfectly.


No matter what vegetables you are talking about with a few exceptions, one of the best easiest and most efficient ways to cook them is to roll them all into a nice little coating of olive oil, salt pepper and a ton of chopped garlic and to roast them at a high temperature. Everything from broccoli to Brussels, sprouts to potatoes to carrots tastes delicious this way as long as you always keep fresh garlic on hand.



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