A Hand Sanitizer is a fluid gel which is used to kill germs that are infectious on the hands. Due to the fact that hands are used most of the time even when scratching or removing something in the face or other part of the body when one fills itchy, hand sanitizer was developed to kill germs before they reach the vital parts of the body.

Hand Sanitizer was developed to prevent germs that caused diseases in human beings. This was to prevent germs getting into the body through the skin by use of hands by touching parts of the body that may cause diseases; nose, mouth, eyes and any part of the body that is vulnerable. This is because it has been proven that nothing defeats germs than the old ways of washing hands with soap every time you get chance in a day.

Even though hand sanitizers are not more effective than hand sanitizers at removing some types of germs in the hands, there are alcohol based sanitizers that are effective to many microorganisms if used as prescribed. This has helped where water is not available to everyone, hand sanitizers was developed to cater for every person who was not water accessible in order to protect them from germs that causes illness.

 Method of making an effective hand sanitizer.

There are two ways of making a hand sanitizer depending on the consumer of the sanitizer. One can make a commercial sanitizer or a home based sanitizer which is only used for sanitization of the family members.

  1. The commercial hand sanitizer is a complex process of using 2 parts of isopropyl alcohol. This is the use of ethanol which is usually 91 to 99% per cent of alcohol. The alcohol is usually used to kill the germs in the hand.
  2. A part of the Aloe Vera gel is usually used for the protection of the skin in the sanitizer so as not to create irritation in the skin.
  3. Since it only takes a drop to make difference, oil is added; a few drops of clove, some drops of eucalyptus, peppermint or some available important oils are added.

There are also some home based sanitizers which requires which requires a procedure;

  1. One is required to make it in clean equipments. One should wipe the equipment with a diluted peroxide solution before the progressing in making the sanitizer.
  2. Then one is required to wash his or her hands thoroughly before beginning the process. One should get a clean spoon or whisk which should be washed carefully before they are used.
  3. The one to make the hand sanitizer should ensure that the alcohol or ethanol used is not diluted as it will be partly ineffective.
  4. One should mix the ingredients mentioned above in the order until they are completely mixed so as to prevent malfunction of the sanitizer or harm to the user. The mixture of the ingredients should be well mixed.  
  5. The mixture should be well mixed before it interacts with the hands of anyone including the one preparing it.

The Importance of Hand Sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizers are useful for many certain reasons;

  1. They are usually made for the average human being since they are portable, convenient and do not require much time by the consumer for usage and are easy to use. Most hand sanitizers are produced in a size that can be carried anywhere in a pocket hence inconveniencing the user. The sanitizers are often handy in a pocket or a woman’s handbag thus making them reliable when water is not available. It is mostly just applied on the hand and rubbed on the palm, fingers and between the fingers thus not time consuming.
  2. Hand sanitizers are at the forefront of preventing stomach infections and also respiratory infections. As stated earlier, the hands is used most of the times including eating and scratching an itch next to the nose or even inside the nose by others.
  3. This hand sanitizers help to reduce the absenteeism of students due to germs related illness by 20% due to studies carried out. This is because it reduces chances of students getting sick. This also helps as kids take usage of hand sanitizers as fun thus will always be effective in preventing children from diseases.

The hand sanitizers also have some of its disadvantages like being ineffective when hands are visibly dirty or when the hands are oily. The sanitizers are mostly effective and applied mostly in medical settings which are mostly hospitals. Most of the sanitizers are also known for not being able to remove some chemicals and hard metals from the hands.

Sanitizers can also be a poison incase swallowed. The ethanol in the hand sanitizers can be a poison if used as specified by the manufacturer. If one a grown up drinks a few mouthfuls or if a child drinks just a little.

Though sanitizers have some harm, the probability of harm to good is less than good to harm. This should be used to get rid of ill causing germs as they are effective at any particular time even though not 100% effective. They prevent many diseases if they have the required alcohol content in the sanitizer. The hand sanitizer should be embraced in our day to day activities to prevent illness.



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