Today I am going to share ten interesting facts about some countries around the world. Most of these are statistical and may have changed in time. Some data is from the past while some is more recent. So despite the fact that not more has radically changed in the last years keep this in mind.

  1. To begin with, there is a country with the world’s largest prisoner population, the USA. It was found out in 2012 that the USA has over 2 million people behind bars. hats more than the entire population of Lacfia and almost double the population of Cyprus. All of the US population represents 5% of the world however, their prisoners represent 25 % of the world’s prisoner population.
  2. Next is a country which makes most of its national income off the internet, Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean and with only about ten thousand people living in it. They are independent since 1978 but still have the British queen as head of state. For some time, Tuvalu was not able to join the UN not because they didn’t want to but simply because they could not afford the $100K entrance fee but all their problems were solved in 2000. They were attributed. The abbreviation of “.TV” for online domains.

Since its admirable domains because of television, they negotiated a twelve year lease for $50M. So they make more money off leasing their main domain than they do with their economy. With this money, they were able to invest in their country and finally join the UN as the 198th member.

  • Third on the list is a country with most spoken languages, Papua New Guinea. English is the official language but only in paper. A mere 1 or 2% actually speak it on a daily basis. Hundreds of others are used by the native population, 820 used languages to be precise.

Papua New Guinea is also the least visited country due to its dense rain forest. There are projected to be many undiscovered animal species tha seem to live there. Despite having a poor population which mainly focuses on aquaculture, the country has discovered large deposits of oil and natural gas which might help change the economic reality of the country.

  • Next we have interesting facts about Greenland. They are huge fans of football but sadly they aren’t allowed to join Fifa. Greenlands weather makes it impossible for grass to grow or atleast the type of grass that the fifa regulation requires. Since they aren’t able ti have regulation stadiums or fields, they aren’t allowed to host official games which makes it impossible for them to compete in officiat international competitions. Their fields are made of sunthetic grass but apparently that was not enough for fifa to allow them to join.
  • In 5th we have the worlds overweight country and keep in mind that this is percentage wise. Nauru in the pacific ocean has the worlds overweight people ata an outstanding 95%. However, Nauru has a reasonably small population. In fact its the world’s smallest island nation covering only 21km^2. Another interesting fact about Nauru us that it’s the only republic place that doesn’t have a capital. I guess their size is so small it doesn’t help to have one.
  • Now we take a look at a country that is at the centre of the world, Kiribati. Kiribati is the only country of the earth which falls into all four hemispheres having the equator cross through it and spreading over the eastern and western hemispheres. Because of this it’s the part where the sun rises the earliest being the first country to see a new year every time December 31st comes around. Kiribati has around 100,000 people.
  • We travel to North Korea for the next one, the country in the world which is the most closed off  to the exterior. Does its reputation justice with use of an exclusive computer operating system. The few North Koreans that had a computer used an operating system called “Red star OS”. It is Linux based and was developed by the Korean computer centre. Before its development, it is said that computers in the country used XOS or Windows XP.
  • Next we have North Sentinel Island, not actually a country but it’s worth the mention because it’s pretty interesting. They are located off the coast of Burma and India. They are a civilization which remains up to date. The most isolated tribe in the world, avoiding contact with the people who come from the exterior. In the time of colonialism, the British in control of India tried to contact them but it didn’t go so well and independent India had a similar situation with the locals.

People were full of curiosity to see them which led to the local government making it illegal for people to visit the island especially because the locals are not so friendly with the outsiders. A few years back, two fishermen crossed into their land and were killed and when a tsunami hit the region India sent a helicopter to check on them and they started shooting arrows at the helicopter.

  • we move to Ethiopia having a cool piece of history like being one of only two countries in Africa not to be colonized by the Europeans but for this listing I have another interesting fact. Due to trunk presence of optic orthodox churches in the country, Ethiopia’s traditional calendar is seven years behind the rest of the western world. Being the second most populated country in Africa with over 90,000,000 people who at the end of 31st December will celebrate going into 2014.
  • Lastly we move to  Latvia, the world’s quickest disappearing country. In 2017 statistics show that it lost 18.2% of its population mostly due to young people moving out of the country.



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