The very much talented WWE superstars income is not something that is not often displayed to the public meaning the only way that fans can access this information is when a journalist reveals details of the aforementioned income. This information is presented to the public by Forbes who are a reputable source. WWE is now a company worth over $5 billion meaning they can afford to pay the superstars a healthy amount of money but who are the richest WWE superstars? Let us go ahead and check them out.


Brock Lesnar “The Beast incarnate” is one of successful and popular superstar in WWE history. Brock Lesnar makes $10M a year despite appearing only a few times per year. It’s a crazy debate if Lesnar is worth this a lot of money but he is indeed the largest superstar that WWE has in their arsenal especially now that John Cena is semi-retired.


Coming in at number two is Roman Reigns who has been positioned the face of the company for the past five years. Over the past year, fan support has gone towards Reigns after a constant battle for him to get cheered by the fans. More recently, Reigns has taken a leave of absence from WWE to the safety concerns due to the pandemic crisis but he recently returned at Summerslam during the universal championship match between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. Roman Reigns receives an incredible salary of $5M every year.


Orton is one of the last active full time wrestler from the ruthless aggression era. He has become a WWE legend and has been a key part of the WWE product for almost 20 years. Orton rightly earns $4.1M a year making him the 3rd highest paid WWE superstar on the roster. Forbes article reveal that his salary could rise to $6M before 2020 ends.


Since his main roster debut, Seth Rollins has been a prominent feature on the main event scene. Featuring at a match in wretlemania 35 against Brock Lesnar, Seth was very much positioned as the face of RAW throughout 2019. Seth Rollins receives an annual income of $4M and he certainly deserves it as he is one of the pillars of modern WWE.


Similarly to his wife, Stephanie, Triple H benefits from having a performer contract and a contract as a WWE executive. Last year, Triple H attained a salary of $3.3M with $2M of that coming from his role as a performer. Triple H’s role as head of NXT means he takes home $700K per year.


2019 was certainly the year of “The Man”. Becky won the 2019 women’s royal rumble then journeyed to main event wretlemania 35 alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Becky featured on the majority of WWE pay-per-view posters of 2019. Becky Lynch receives an awesome $3.1M salary every year.


Goldberg amazingly earned $3M for jus two matches in 2019. During his last match to defend the universal championship at Wrestlemania 36, Goldberg lost to Braun Strowman where Strowman ended up being the universal champion. It is unclear if Goldberg will ever wrestle again.


Stephanie McMahon’s brother, Shane, plays the role of an on- screen performer despite him occasionally helping out with backstage duties. Shane was a prominent feature on WWE television in 2019 however, he was taken off- screen on October 2019 after he lost his career vs career  fight to Kevin Owens. Despite this, Shane McMahon receives an annual salary of $2.1M which sounds pretty good.


 You may wonder why Stephanie has been included on this list yet she hasn’t had an actual match in WWE. However, Stephanie benefits from receiving two payouts, one from her contract as a performer despite making small appearances and her second payout comes from her role as a chief brand officer which practically means she is incharge of expanding the brand across the world. Ultimately, Stephanie receives a salary of $2M every year across her two contracts.



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