Former Moto GP world champion Casey Stoner revealed his battle with chronic fatigue and now he is heading a campaign to raise funds to go ahead and find a cure. Chronic fatigue is a disease that often goes undiagnosed and while many Australians suffer from it, its signs and symptoms can often mask its severity.

Moto GP racing is one of the fastest paced jobs you can have, battling the world’s best riders at a speed of over 200KM/H but for Moto GP racing legend Casey Stoner, the far bigger battle was the one he was facing behind closed doors. The legend says that he started having the chronic fatigue symptoms back in 2018. He quickly went downhill and started to get some extreme symptoms where he struggled to get out of bed in the morning even to go to the couch.

Chronic fatigue affects one out of a hundred Australians and it’s invisible symptoms show that the disease is often ignored because it is not a physical element that people can see and so people are not taking it seriously. This means that the people suffering from this disease have few answers and currently they have no cure for it as stated.

The retired motor GP champion now hopes that sharing his battle will put it on the agenda. Casey said that the amount of positive feedback he has had since coming out and telling the public that he has chronic fatigue is simply amazing and it was nice to know that people are willing to recognize it and understand that the situation is not good for people.

He hopes that other people out there in the world can get some support and that was what they were doing with the center that was located there in Australia. It was truly a well done job to Casey Stoner for speaking out about such an important issue and it is with our sincere hope that the retired legend overcomes this infection.



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