We have 3 main muscle groups, our side part of the chest, shoulders and lads. Today the 9 exercises we are going to do will heat each of these muscle groups. Let us go ahead and begin.

  1. PULL- UPS.

There is no greater exercise that can make your back wide than the pull- ups. You should get a pull- up bar at your house if you are indeed serious with working out. It is not that expensive because it costs only $20. With this exercise, you can work on yourself to get better and to get wider every day. When it comes to the technique, your goal is not to go chin up above the bar but should be your upper chest to touch the bar. You will automatically squeeze your scapula and in that way you can ensure that you are working on your lads.


This exercise will help work on your lads to get bigger. All you need is a back pack with a tank of water or anything that makes the back pack heavy. In this exercise, you have to stand with your legs wide open. One leg goes in front and bend it while the other leg remains straight. Keep your back straight and the goal is to pull the back pack to your waist. You should immediately feel your lads start burning up.


This exercise helps build your back and lads. All you need for this exercise is a piece of clothing or a towel. Put the piece of clothing down on the floor and lay on it with your back. Stretch your arms to the side and then by sliding your elbows on the floor, come up from the ground and squeeze your back and the rear tails and then slowly come down again.


This exercise is meant for the outside part of the chest. For this exercise you need to get down on the floor. The goal is to stretch the outside part of the chest. You need to find something to put under your hands maybe a steak of books. After you set up the pile of books, you go down slowly and let your chest touch the ground and then come up. Repeat this 15 times but if you are a pro you can do 30 sets. You should feel the stretch in your outer part of the chest.


If you don’t have dips at home you can use two chairs. The goal here is to work on the chest and also stretch the outside part of the chest. In this exercise, lean to the front then go down nice and slowly. Go deep and stretch out the chest then go up. Once again, repeat this 15 times.



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