There are stadiums that every NFL fans put on their bucket list and are a must see stadiums that they definitely would want to watch a game in. Franchises have put in everything they have to build and set up multi- billion venues that will attract people from all over the world. Today, we get a chance to look at the best 5 stadiums in the NFL.


Is an ultimate modern day designed stadium. The Minnesota Vikings rebuild their collapsing metro dorm back in 2006 into a venue that looked like NASA headquarters. US bank stadium space craft look is nearly see through with a transparent roof and sides that are completely made of glass. The stadium is actually a dome with a tough field that can hold up to 70,000 fans. The stadium has hosted many tournaments and created new traditions.


The 4th best stadium on the list is the home for the Las Vegas Raiders located on the Las Vegas strip. The massive stadium can hold 65,000 fans and the silver and black dome has an unprecedented video screen attached on the outside of the glass windows and a massive retracting window that looks out to the Vegas strip. Allegiant is also home for the largest 3D printed object, an 85 inch of the Davis memorial torch that sits in front of the retractable window. The torch will be lit before any game as a significant that the raiders will win.


The $5B stadium made its debut early this year(2020) as the new home of not only the LA Rams but also the Chargers. There is a 1,000 ton video board in the middle of the stadium that covers the stadium end to end with 4k HD view. It took less days from its debut before the huge screen was referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. So far, Sofi stadium is the most expensive stadium in history and it took nearly four years to construct. Sofi stadium is not just a football venue but also a massive entertainment attachment. The Rams and Chargers just hope that their new home will host a big win for them.


The stadium is the home for he Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man. The 12th man is the proclaimed nickname for the Seattle fans because they impact the game so much. It’s like the Hawks are getting the 12th player on the field. The stadium’s unique shape was designed with noise and mind, engineered with reflective roofs and concrete seats into an egg- like shape. The stadium can hold 72,000 people in it. Opponents say that playing in this stadium is like playing next to a jet engine because of the noise coming from the fans is so loud. The venue is built for the ultimate fan experience.


The atmosphere at this stadium is unlike any other. It is a home for the Packers. Lambeau Field and the packers are the only public owned sport franchise in America. Walking through the hall towards the stadium is like walking through history as there are statues of legends right outside the stadium. The stadium lacks some of the state of the art features but it is going o take the other stadiums a century to build as much history as Lambeau. Every ticked have been sold out every season ever since 1960. Lambeau Field has given The Packers the biggest home advantage in the NFL.



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