Many creatures exist within the animal kingdom. Some of these animals have gone extinct while many others still live among us and while we have animals that we see daily such as dogs and cats, there are also animals that only grace the world once in a thousand years and our focus on this article will be on those creatures.


Not so long ago in 2011, Mark Moffat, a park ranger saw an 18cm long grasshopper dubbed the watapunga of the offshore island of Newzealand. Although this is a one in a thousand years- kind of insect, it belongs to a genus of grasshoppers known as diencarda whose name translates to mean terrible grasshopper. This creature is three times more massive than a mouse.


Some dogs like the pit bull and mastiffs are known to be muscular but you definitely can’t categorize a whippet as one of the strongest dog breeds primarily when they are known for speed rather than strength. In 2007, a whippet known as Wendy had well deserved fame for her brawny body and her weight which was nearly 60 pounds. Common whippets grow up to 42 pounds which means that Wendy was huge and strong. Unfortunately, Wendy died at the age of 14 years old.


A 66 year old Chinese woman was shocked when she witnessed a reptile cling to her bedroom wall in 2009. The reptile which was confirmed to be a snake was nearly 41 cm long and as thick as a human arm. As if that was not scary enough, she noticed that the snake had some sort of talons hanging in the middle part of its body. Like any other scared person caught in the same situation, she smashed the snake on its head with her shoe until she confirmed it was dead. However, as part of evidence, she preserved the snake in a jar in case someone doubted her.


The creature referred to as croc- buffalo was spotted in a rural village of Thailand back in 2015. This animal which looks like a kind of delusion from Greek mythology was born to a buffalo mother with previous histories of perfect birth. This animal was born with hooves, body and limbs of a buffalo but still its dry flaky skin and flathead made it look like a crocodile. Although the animal died a few minutes after birth, the locals thought it was the product of mating between an alligator and a buffalo while others even thought that it was an omen of good luck. However, experts explain that such conditions are caused by an unusual disorder of the skin acquired during development in the womb. Whatever the case may be, it was indeed a once in a millennium creature.



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