Antoine Griezmann has had enough. Last night he took to twitter to defend Ansu Fati against racism. Griezmann tweeted and said that Ansu was an exceptional kid who deserves respect like any other human being. He further added thaw we should say no to racism and bad education. This tweet from Griezmann has been retweeted over 40,000 times. It refers to Barcelona’s match report by news outlet ABC.

In the report, journalist Salvador Sostres wrote that when Ansu Fati runs he looks like a street vendor, black and young running down the paseo de gracia when someone has announced the cops are coming. The journalist is comparing Ansu to illegal street vendors commonly in Barcelona. This is a disrespectful term, loaded with racist implications.

The post match article was overlooked by the general public until Griezmann saw it and called out ABC for their racist actions. Griezmann was not alone; Ex Masia graduate Marc Crosas also spoke out. He tweeted and said that they already knew Salvador Sostres is a SOB racist. The news was that ABC was allowing that atrocity. Crosas confirmed that sostres is known for this kind of rhetoric.

The rude comparison from the journalist was finished up with a thought where he said that they no longer run anymore as the mayor thinks the police are the delinquents and not the manteros. Gary Lineker took to twitter to back up Griezmann’s words. Barcelona intends to sue the journalist and he will be taken to court by the club for his insensitive remarks.

ABC has yet to comment. This morning they posted an “apology” from Sostres saying that in his will to praise the beauty in Ansu’s movements and his class as a young player, some expressions were taken for racist contempt. Nothing was further away from his intention. He further added that he regrets the misunderstanding and apologized to anyone who might have taken offense. Ansu Fati does not deserve this. He is just but a kid taking his first steps in professional football. Headlines should be written about his fantastic game and what Griezmann did to defend the young upcoming star is heartwarming and is definitely what football needs



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