Many things have a single use but there are many items that we use without knowing exactly their actual purpose .Today we are exploring things you did not know the use of and some of these things will amaze you.


Many people wonder why pen caps have holes on top of them. One comment speculation was that it made the ink dry faster so that the pen manufacturer can make more money. Another theory claimed that the hole in the cap helped equalize pressure when opened and closed in but the real answer is remarkable. They have a hole to prevent suffocation in case someone swallows their pen. It turns out that many people chew on their pen and it’s not uncommon to swallow them. Can you believe that?


Though few people write using pencils with erasers nowadays, many people still remember erasers with both the red and blue side but what was the point of having the red and blue sides? Apparently the blue side is not for erasing pen writings as people claim but for erasing pencil marks on heavy grades of paper or dark marks and the red end is used for erasing light grades of paper. The blue end of the eraser is tough and doesn’t wear away easily.


These are features of the average winter hat but what exactly is their purpose? The pom poms can be traced back to the age of the Vikings. Apparently it works like a cat’s whiskers. The pom poms would let sailors escape the heights of their cabins so they wouldn’t hit their heads and it would actually protect their heads on an event that they actually got hit by something.


Many drinkers are curious about beer bottles weird shape. Long neck beer bottles have been used for over a century now. This design allows packers in the factory to easily use a small bottle cap and thus saving money. Long neck bottles also allows for efficient means of packaging and also reducing the capability of breakage during transport.


Padlocks do have either one or two tiny holes at the bottom and one can be curious what purpose do they really serve. To begin with it lets water drain out if you are using it outdoors preventing them from rusting or freezing up during the snow season. Secondly, the hole can be used to lubricate the lock to make it work properly.


Have you notice that toothpastes comes with a tiny symbol at the sealed end of the tube. These symbols come in green, red, blue, or black. According to some information, it is stated that the little squares at the bottom end of the toothpaste are some sort of a toothpaste color code revealing the nature of the materials within the toothpaste.

Green mark means that the toothpaste is all natural. A blue mark means that the toothpaste contains a mix of natural ingredients in medicine. A Red mark means the toothpaste contains natural and chemical ingredients. A black mark means it contains all chemical ingredients But the whole thing is a myth. The squares are all just part of the manufacturing process and are called imarks and basically show where the paste should be cut and folded.



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