We may never know we are talented in something until we try. I never knew that I could excel in sports until the day the games teacher asked me to participate during school games time. Truly, I had avoided that leather-made device called a ball, akin to a lad with leprosy. By all means, books were what I wanted to forever remain, my one and only priority. However, that day I decided to try something new. Something for sure I did not rue for eternity. That very day still remains engraved in my memory like a lover’s word on an epitaph. Slowly I padded the hoof down the path for lunch. The disc of the setting sun looked big and ominous. Clouds drifted slowly away as hot piercing rays made my visage laced with mushrooms of sweat. At once, I mopped off the trickling sweat and quickly trotted to class.

          Chesire! Come here! Luluba, the games teacher bellowed. No doubt, he was one peppery individual. One determined by all means to render any talented child to achieve their dreams in thoughts. I was perplexed, however, how he wanted something to do with a bookworm like me. Like putty in someone’s hand, I hurriedly made my way to where he was.

          “Remove your tie and shoes, and without batting an eyelid I would like to see you in the field tossing that football!”He commanded. Without one word to utter, I left for the field. Of course not by choice but not to land in hot soup. Knitting my brow, I stood there in matrimony with fear not knowing what fate had in store for me.

          A few waifs and strays, together with some boys laughed at me sending asphyxiating shudders down my body. Torrents of fear burst out from my eyes and pent on my hands with intense ferocity. My countenance was laced with melancholy and I could bear it no longer. NO, I could not give up. Furtively I cast away all my fears and cultivated a heart of stone.”Boys we are going to have a friendly match.Chesire you are the opposite team. Move!” with first blush, we did exactly that. The match was ready to kick off.Mr luluba made a steeple with his forefinger and thumb and pressed it on his chin. It was the profound juncture my heart beat with vigour, a thumb that could break a rock into smithereens.

          Hells bells! The first kick was sent. I was cock sure I was the next lad to be passed to. The thought of being hit by the leather ball made me think I was yet to cash in my chps.Therefore I was rendered restless thinking that soccer ball had the key to my destiny.No sooner had I blinked an eye, that it was kicked towards me. I kicked it with zeal and alas! It was in the net.

          All and Sunday were left confounded if not stupefied. Not only had my family ever presumed I would be the renowned footballer that I am today. That day will never recede into oblivion for eternity and beyond. It was then that I tried football that my talent was discovered a tent that makes me the eminent one that I am till this very day.

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