Bad news for Portugal for it is only recently that Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for covid 19. Ronaldo will likely miss two weeks of competition. This means that the huge clash between his team Juventus and Barcelona is not possible. It was evident that every football fan was awaiting the day the two teams would meet in order to see Cristiano and Messi play in the same field for the first time after Ronaldo left Real Madrid but sadly this is not possible. The good news is that covid 19 is asymptomatic.

The other good news is that Cristiano Ronaldo is more determined than ever and this is what his Portugal coach had to say about him “He was always in isolation since the first test and he is in his room now. He only repeats that he wants to play. Therefore he is well without symptoms and he doesn’t feel anything bad, no problems at all. He doesn’t even understand well what is happening to him” clearly from this quote we can see how Ronaldo is determined that even the covid 19 can’t stop him.

Currently, Ronaldo has only one objective in his mind and that is rejoining his teammates. On Tuesday he was on his hotel balcony next to the training center and as the good example of a captain that he is, he watched all of his teammate’s sessions. The other not so good news may be the infection of other Portuguese players because before testing positive Ronaldo touched a number of players. In other cases, Ronaldo has received a lot of support from other people especially his mother.

Even the Spanish press wishes him quick recovery because it wants to see Messi and Ronaldo duel in the UEFA Champions league but unfortunately as we stated above, that would be very complicated. To be able to get back in the field and play against Messi’s team Barcelona, his test will have to be negative on October 21st, just a week from now which seems impossible even for Ronaldo. Generally it has to take two weeks for the virus to disappear, even Zlatan had to wait patiently for two weeks. Regardless of football, health always comes first.



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