Factory Reset Protection also known as FRP is a security feature developed on android 5 and above to prevent one from accessing the device after hard reset.
Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Or Google Account Bypass Requirements
There are many ways to remove Google account lock on devices. These methods may depend on the model and version of the device.
2 Common Steps To Bypass Factory Reset Protection:

  1. Using a SIM card
  2. Changing language
  3. Using a SIM card
    This method is commonly used on many android devices such as Infinix, Itel, Tecno etc.If you have forgotten your Google account password, then follow this guide carefully :
  4. A SIM Card
  5. WIFI Or Data connection
    Step By Step to Bypass FRP on Android Smartphones
  6. Remove the battery or SIM card slot to insert a sim card
  7. Make sure you have a internet access or WIFI and connect it
  8. Go back to home page of the phone and select “emergency”
  9. Now you will see “emergency information”, double tap the icon
  10. Select “add contact” and tap on any contact saved on the sim card
  11. Again select add contact and choose it one more time
  12. Now select the contact below add contact area and tap on 3 dots at the edge of the contact editing
  13. Select “share “ then long press “MMS”
  14. Click “app info” then navigate and tap ”SMS app”
  15. Tap on “opening links” then scroll down and select ”YouTube”
  16. Select “notifications” ,scroll down and tap on the last option “setting”
  17. Tap “about” then select “YouTube terms of services”
  18. Now chrome browser will pop up.
  19. Tap accept-next-no thanks the search http://albastuz3d.com/
  20. Download the following Google account lock apps:
    Google account manager app
    FRP Bypass app
  21. After downloading, click on the tight corner of the browser and select “downloads”
  22. Wait for the 2 applications to finish downloading
  23. Select “Google Account Manager App”to install it
  24. Tap on “Internet” popup window and select “Settings” then enable the option “Allow from this source”
  25. Go back and Tap on > Next > Next > Install > Done
  26. Now select FRP Bypass app, install and open it
  27. When you see “Retype Password” screen, simply select the “3 dots” from top right corner and tap “Browser Sign-in”
  28. You will be brought to “Google Sign in” screen just login with any valid Gmail account
  29. Well done! Restart the device and complete initial setup to access the device

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a feature introduced on android version of 5 or higher to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the device once factory reset is performed.
Wondering how to:

  1. Remove factory reset protection on Tecno K7
  2. How to activate and unlock Google account password on Tecno K7
  3. Bypass Factory Reset Protection On Tecno K7
    This guide will show you the easy way to bypass Google account lock on Tecno k7.
  4. Go to your browser search http://albastuz3d.com/
  5. Download quickshortcut maker app
  6. Copy the app on SD card (memory card)
  7. Insert the memory car d on Tecno K7 phone
  8. Turn on the device and click “Get Started”
  9. Select “set up as new” then “see all Wi-Fi networks”
  10. You will be brought to “add new network tap on “+” icon
  11. Tap on “emoji” icon then tap on emoji written “hot”
  12. Wait for the page to load and tap on the 3 top left vertical lines
  13. Click on “setting “then select “Help & Support”
  14. Under “Help &Support” tap on “FAQ”
  15. You will see a pop up,select “network setting”
  16. After that you will be brought to the phones settings, scroll down and select storage
  17. Tap on SD Card ,search where you downloaded the “quickshortcut maker” app
  18. Tap to install the application and then grant permission to install apps from unknown source
  19. Wait for the installation to complete and open the app
  20. Scroll down or just tap the search option and type “oobe”
  21. Tap “oobe” then on the third oobe icon
  22. Tap “try”, choose your country then next “>”,agree terms”>” – “ >”
  23. Well done! Wait for the Hios launcher to launch.

How to Remove Google Account Lock on Tecno L8 Lite
Due to increase of many android devices, developers have developed an improved security measure known as Factory Reset Protection (FRP).
FRP restores and retains users login details when you hard reset to reduce theft.
Follow these simple steps to reset google account lock on Tecno L8 Lite:

  1. Click on the arrow on homepage and wait the network to search
  2. Click add another network”+” icon then on emoji icon
  3. Tap on “hot emoji”
  4. You will be brought to “touchpal” area. Select 3 vertical lines on the top left corner
  5. Select “settings “followed by “help & support” then “FAQ”
  6. Tap “Network setting”.
  7. Now you will be brought to “settings”, connect Wi-Fi and go back to “apps”
  8. Wait for a while and click on”Google app” followed by “app notifications” then “app settings”
  9. Activate the “feed” option. Under Google click “no thanks”
  10. On search icon type “chrome” and click on the app(last option)
  11. Tap “accept & continue” followed by “no thanks” and search https://albastuz3d.com/
  12. Scroll down, download “quickshortcut maker” app and click “update permissions”
  13. “Allow “and tap “Ok”
  14. Now click on the 3 dots on the top right corner, select”downloads” then wait the app to download
  15. Tap on the app, install and open it
  16. Search “oobe” tap on it then select the second “oobe”
  17. Tap “try”, choose your country and select the tick option
  18. Well done! Restart the device and wait it to boot normally

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