The importance of watching waist size to maintain good health.

Waist size is an also an essential for one to know their health status. Waist size is important as it is connected to the health of the body even though it not the only important part to watch. One should always maintain a good waist size to avoid even some diseases especially caused by fat belly. Having a very large waist size is an indication that one has excess abdominal fat that will prove very fatal in the long run.

This is due to the fact that fats that are stored in the abdominal area is visceral fat that is different from other fats like the ones stored in the thighs. This is because the visceral fat is stored in the abdominal cavity which is very dangerous. The abdominal fat when broken down, they discharge free fatty acids and other unhealthy materials into the portal vein. This is dangerous to the body as the portal vein is in charge of transferring blood from the intestines to the liver and the emitted substances can cause toxicity in the portal vein.

When these free fatty acids and the other substance cause toxicity, this affects the pancreas and lessens the capability to produce the insulin hormones. Insulin is important to the body as they are cells needed in order for the body in order to absorb glucose in the body. The toxicity can also cause insulin resistance where the body cells will not respond well to insulin produced by the body. This means that the end result will be a rise in the blood sugar levels.

Average waist size for women.

Women should always note that their waist size should be below 35 as this is the maximum healthy size of the waist. Waist is not the only element that can prove one is healthy since there are many other important factors like BMI (Body Mass Index). More than 35 inches proves that one has more than enough unhealthy fats which is mostly associated with heart diseases, cancer and diabetes which are very dangerous.

How to measure your waist size.

  1. One can start by removing their top, raise them up or wear a thin clothing.

One should make sure that either the tape is resting against your bare stomach or a very thin layer of clothes in order to get an accurate measurement. One should put the tape just below their chest. Stand upright firmly on the ground with a shoulder with length between your legs.

  1. Find your waist line.

The waist area is usually found using your fingers in the area between the top of your hips and the base line of your ribs. This is the soft and fleshy part between these two skeletal areas. It should also be the part that is the narrowest on your torso and in most instances it is located above or at the belly button.

  1. Wrap the tape around your waist line and not tightly.

One should make sure that they breathe normally while holding the end of the tape at the navel and putting the tape around your waist line. Take the measurement at the front of your waist and ensure that the tape is parallel to the flat ground you are standing on. Do not hold the tape tightly to your waist. The tape should be straight all around your waist line.

  1. Take the measurement of the tape.

One should then take the measurement after exhaling. The tape will indicate your waist size either in centimeters or inches depending on the type of tape used. One can repeat the measurement to make to make sure that the measurement is accurate. When the measurement is different in the second instance, you can take a third measurement and get the average of the three measurements.

Note: One should always strive to maintain an average waist size to avoid many risks such as stroke, heart diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes. This does not mean that having a larger waist circumference is a death sentence as there are numerous ways to lose and maintain the average waist size. Only watching the waist line and leaving other factors of a healthy life does not make one safe as only a waistline can’t paint the whole picture of a good health.



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