We lined up on both sides of the road from the school gate ready to welcome our Member of Parliament (MP). It was our school prize-giving day which all and sundry were eagerly waiting FOR. Sooner than later, the sleek metallic white Mercedes Benz appeared, reflecting the bright rays of the sun following bumper to bumper were three black cars perhaps which were for security.

          Immense joy was written all over our visages as Mr. Simba the Member of Parliament was received with shouts of joy and ululations. Before one could utter Jack Robinson we had all settled down under the various tents, patiently waiting for the much anticipated ceremony to begin.

          “Good morning and welcome to Kanga Primary schools annual prize giving day,” boomed the baritone voice of the master of ceremony from the speakers.

          Without further ado, the ceremony began. First and foremost we had entertainment from the pupils from plays to skits to dances but the one which almost made the crowd to die of laughter was the short play by the standard eight boys. Attired in worn out suits with protruding bellies they danced and walked in a manner that resembled that of a drunken grasshopper!

          Not only that, some of them was dressed as ladies and furthermore swirled their dresses in pride as they danced with their male counterparts. It was a sight to see! Ripples of laughter rent the air to point that others cried. Soon it was time for speeches.

          The joyous and noisy atmosphere suddenly turned quiet. Pin drop silence prevailed as the Member of Parliament who was also our chief guest sauntered the podium to give his speech. By then, the savage noon sun was high up the mellow blue sky., mercilessly showering the earth with oppressive heat.

          “Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon?” he questioned happily. “Good afternoon,” replied the crowd, in unison.”Today it is with much joy that I stand before you. As you all know hard work brings profit, therefore, without dilly dallying, we shall reward those who were outstanding in the different fields of education,” He remarked jovially, an ear to ear smile swathing his face.



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