1. At the very top of the list is Brock Lesnar who makes $12M at the end of one year. Lesnar has tried his hands at various sports which include National Football, wrestling and mixed martial arts. Brock Lesnar was the youngest WWE wrestler to win the WWE championship. Lesnar is the only individual in the history of WWE and UFC to hold promotions from both sports company.
  2. John Cena ranks 2nd in the list making 8.5M a year. Cena is not all about muscles but entertainment and fun. The WWE superstar has featured in several movies such as the soon to be released fast and furious 9. He is also a musician and a TV presenter who is adored by children.
  3. Roman Reigns comes in 3rd making up $5M annually. Reigns once played for National Football league NFL teams Jacksonville Jaguars and the Minnesota Vikings in the offseason. He later joined the WWE and created a name for himself where he is widely adored by fans and he has also won the world champion four times.
  4. Number 4 is Randy Orton receiving a total of $4.5M a year. He is a celebrated wrestler who comes from a family of wrestlers where his grandfather, father and uncle were wrestlers. He continues to carry on this legacy in a remarkable way.
  5. Occupying the 5th position is AJ Styles who earns $3.5M a year. Before his debut WWE  in 2016, AJ had already created a reputation for himself as one of the best wrestlers in impact wrestling. He also won several championships.
  6. Next at number 6 is Seth Rollins who makes $3M at the end of the year. He is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the WWE. Seth is a prominent member of the WWE faction dabbed the shield. He has also won several titles in the WWE.
  7. Following in at number 7 is The Miz who receives $2.5M a year. At 39 years of age , The Miz is not slowing down his spectacular WWE career. He has won the United States championship as well as the WWE championship. Miz has recently teamed up with the returning WWE legend John Morrison. The wrestler is also an actor.
  8. Under Taker comes in at number 8 earning $2.5M a year. He goes by many names and widely seen as a as a perfect representation of death with links to the underworlds and possesses supernatural elements but undertaker is just a mere WWE fighter who has created a brand for himself which is why he is widely feared and recognized in WWE.
  9. At number 9 is Kevin Owens. Owens makes $2M a year. As young a 16 years old Kevin Owens had already been involved in wrestling. After years of fighting in various wrestling promotions K.O was signed by WWE in 2014 where he became champion after just 143 days.

At the bottom of the list we have Dolph Ziggler who is paid $1.5M per year. Dolph is a WWE superstar who is talented in making the WWE fans laugh aside from his top notch wrestling skills. Aside from his comedy, the wrestler has won the WWE championship, intercontinental championship and the United States Championship



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