Tennis is one of the greatest sports that is worth a person’s time. It brings people together for across the world. Today we are going to see the top ten highest paid tennis players.

  1. Making it at the top of the list is Roger Federer who makes $93.4M at the end of one year. Roger has added a ,multimillion- dollar Rimowa pact to his deals with Uniqlo, Credit Suisse, Mercedez benz, Rolex and others. Roger gained $86M from endorsement deals and $7.4M from competition prize money.
  2. Number 2 is Novak Djokovic who makes $50.6M. With $20.6M in the past year, Djokovic has so far made $135M in career prize money. The Serbian’s endorsement  deal withsportswear giants, Lactose is one of the richest in the sport.
  3. Number 3 is Kei Nishikori who makes $37.3M. Nishikori is the most successful Japanese player thanks to his $33M endorsement portfolio.
  4. In the 4th place is Rafael Nadal who earns $35M in a year. Raffa is one of the biggest stars in the game and can take an appearance fee of more than $1M a pop. He received $26M endorsements came from Nike, Babolat, Kia Motors, Telefonica, Richard Mille, Mapfre and many others.
  5. Serena Williams comes in at number 5 bringing in $29.2M annually. Serena returned from the maternity to the courts, earning $4.2M in prize money and $25M from endorsements. The 37 year old planned her exit with a clothing line, jewellery and beauty products which launched early in 2020. She also built a venture capital portfolio, Serena Ventures, worth more that $10M.
  6. Taking the 6th position is Naomi Osaka who makes up to $24.3M at the end of one year. Naomi won both the Australian and US open in 2018 and switched sponsorship from Adidas to Nike. The Japanese received $8.3M in prize money and racked up $16M in endorsements.
  7. Ranking in the 7th position in our todays list is Alexander Zverev makes $11.8M a year. The German star’s effort brought home $6.3M from competition prize money in the previous years. He received $5.5M from endorsements with Adidas, Head, Peugeot, Richard Millie and Zegna.
  8. At number 8 is Angelique Kerber bringing in a total of $11.3M at the end of one year. Kerber’s 2018 Wimbledon win earned her $5.3M in prize money, whilst finishing the year ranked 2nd in the world. Her endorsements with Adidas, SAP, Generali, Netjets, Procter & Gamble, Yonex, Porsche, Rolex and Lavazza brought home $6.5M in cash.
  9. Simona Halep takes over at number 9 making a total of $10.2M a year. Simona won Grand slam titles, triggering $4.2M bonuses from Nike, Wilson, Mercedes benz and Hublot among others. The Romanian ranks fifth on the all-time liat with $33M and in 2018 she led tennis in prize money.
  10. Closing in at number 10 is Sloane Stephens. Sloane makes $9.6M at the end of one year. She reached the finals of four events in 2018 and finished the year earning $4.1M in prize money. Sloane received $5.5M in sponsorship money including her partnership with Nike, which is one of the biggest in the sports industry.

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