Chuck Feeney, the co-founder of duty free shoppers one of the richest people in the world always had the most interesting dream, he wanted to go broke.”I would be unhappy with myself if I was wasting money on anything and that’s include living”, these were his own words. Most of us want to have more and more money but Chuck wants the opposite. This started when at 50 years old, his family was living the American dream. He hosted lots of parties and popular rich people started coming to his house and that is when he noticed that money and high life were quite overrated.

He started thinking where all that was leading and what he was going to do with it. His first step towards achieving his goal of going broke was with Atlantic Philanthropies, a foundation where he put all his money. What is even more impressive is that he always donated in secret and that is why he was named “The secret billionair” and for a broke billionaire, he always liked it low key. He doesn’t own a car, has one pair of shoes and a fifteen dollar watch. In his statement, he said that he was a guy that could be happy with a grilled cheese and a tomato sandwich.

To support his course, Chuck Feeney stopped being a secret billionaire. He decided to come out so others would join him in giving away his wealth. Living most of his life as a secret billionaire Chuck took a risk and it was really worth it because Bill Gates and Warren Buffet decided to join his style of giving. Chuck Feeney really set a model and is such an inspiring story. When you add up all of the people Chuck Feeney inspired, all of the money Chuck gave away, he might be the history’s biggest giver. A few days ago, Chuck Feeney who is now 89 years old signed to close down his foundation and after almost 40 years of giving away more than 8,000,000,000 $ all around the world, after an inspiration to many of the richest people to do the same, he finally achieved his dream, because he is now broke. That is how Chucky Feeny will be remembered a man who went broke because he gave away all of his money.



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