A pin is an identification number that is used during a transaction to satisfy that the person involved in the transaction is indeed the person identified as part of the transaction. The pin is usually important to secure the transaction.

 According to pin transactions, a pin can either be an individual pin or an artificial pin which is applicable in a business, trust, or a club that is put together by a certain group of persons. A KRA pin is a private number used to identify one for specific purposes in the transaction with the Kenya revenue authority or the government service providers. This is to enable one to prove that he is indeed a citizen of Kenya before any activity with the government.

Requirements for the registration of a KRA Pin.

  1. One is required to provide their names in full. That includes their first and last names. This will be entered into the KRA website as it will enable us to know whether the person applying is a Kenyan citizen.
  2. One will be required to produce a National Identification Card. This will provide the ID number which is required to register one for the KRA pin. In case one does not have the ID, one can use their alien Identification number to register.

The ID will also be used to get the date of birth. This is needed in order to avoid fraud from people giving the wrong date of birth to the KRA officials which might get one in trouble and even with the law when it comes to issues concerning tax payments.

  • Phone number and email address are also required in the registration of the KRA Pin. These are usually required since the phone number is needed as it will be used to pay for the registration of the pin while the email address is the one that KRA will use to send the copy of the certificate. The Email address will also be used in the verification of the OTP (One Time Password) hence this makes it important for one to give a valid and working phone number and email address.
  • For one to get the KRA Pin, they should provide the area where they live; town or city, county, and district. This should be the current place where one lives and not upcountry or the countryside area.

One is also required to provide their postal address and code. This is usually recommended where one has one. In the event where one



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