KMTC(Kenya Medical Training College) is a medical learning college that is dedicated on making sure the students are qualified medically to work in the health sector in Kenya and also internationally. KMTC provides more than 12000 students who graduate and are consumed in the health workforce thus accounting for 85 percent of health workers in hospitals in both private and public hospitals.

This institution has created many health workers that are competent in their work in hospitals. One is usually advised to join the KMTC Institution in order to learn what is required to join the health sector in Kenya as many health institutions prefer people who have a KMTC qualification in their curriculum vitae.

One can also apply for entry into the institution through their website as the admission of students is usually done regularly on a yearly basis. The institution provides for Regular or parallel options.

How to create a KMTC Account.

  • Where a student does not have the KMTC account, one should click on the “Have no account? Register”.
  • After the above, one will be directed to form to be filled by one who wants to create the account.
  • One will be required to enter their details required for a an account creation; Email and the password they wish for their account.
  • One will then tap on the Create account button. This is to start an account for those who do not have an account yet.
  • A link will then be sent to your email account in order to verify the email account.
  • One should then open their Email and tap on the link that has been sent.
  • On clicking the link, one will be directed to the Kenya Medical Training College portal so that one can continue to with the process of registration.
  • You will then be required to enter their private information on the form for the account creation on the screen.
  • After filling the form, one should then tap on the Register button to go on with the process of registering for an account.
  • One will then be provided with a form on the screen to confirm the details that they have provided to the site. One should go through the form to ascertain that the information they gave is nothing but the truth.
  • After confirmation of the details, one should then click on the Save changes button.

Course offers on Kenya Medical Training College.

  1. KMTC has the post basic courses. This requires every diploma certificate holders in their appropriate fields and one should meet the requirements of the units that are regulating the course.
  2. KMTC offers diploma courses to students who have completed their high school level. One needs to have a grade of C to do a diploma course and other subjects; Kiswahili, English, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. It also offers certificate courses where one requires to have a grade of C- from their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations. This will also require the subjects mentioned above.
  4. This institution also offers Higher diplomas to the people who already have basic diplomas. One usually requires a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of their diplomas.
  5. Kenya Medical Training College offers short causes which are for corporate, government bodies or companies which wish to take any course and are required to send a request in written form.
  6. It also offers courses for upgrading courses which requires a basic diploma to do the course and also a working experience in the field for two years.
  7. KMTC also offers a certificate course. This requires a grade of C-. For a certificate course, one also requires the relevant subjects that are mentioned above in order to pursue this course.



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