A very funny human being and, probably the best entertainer was brought to this in the year 1979. This living legend in the entertainment industry was hatched in 6th July in Philadelphia as Kevin Darnell Hart with his parents not knowing that one day he would be a famous star in this world. He won numerous first timer comedy competitions but his vision was to be biggest star in comedy. When it comes to a discussion of the greatest comedian, Kevin’s name one to be mentioned. 

Kevin started his mission to be a famous comedian from the age of 9 when he escaped his mum’s “ass-whooping” as he says after he told her a joke. From this day Kevin, he knew that he could be famous. Kevin is one celebrity to be looked up to because of his many achievements that earned him numerous accolades in the entertainment industry. He has made huge strides in the comedy industry that many thought impossible, proving many wrong.

Kevin was raised by a single mother who was Nancy. Nancy worked at the Pennsylvania University under the department of Registration. Kevin only has one sibling who is his elder brother and his father was a drug addict who was in and out of Kevin’s life during his upbringing. His father was a jail bird who was in and, out of prison. Kevin developed the persona of joking about his family life during his stand ups. This Kevin said helped him to forget about his family problems.

He was a Christian from his early days by his mother who was a committed Christian. After completing his high school studies, he attended a community based college for a while. After leaving college, he left for New York then later became a salesman where he sold shoes in Massachusetts. Kevin still had a calling for comedy as he tried out at a club in a comedy night in Philadelphia. At Laff House in Philadelphia, Kevin got his first appearance in the stage of comedy.

Kevin struggled to get his own type of how he presenting his comedy at the beginning of his comedy career. At a point in time in the start of his journey, he used to imitate other comedians who had already made it in comedy. This was when Kevin thought of how he used to forget about his family problems by joking about their problems. This was when he started making fun of his problems in life and, brought out the view of him being a drastical thinker in his life experiences. This made audiences relate to his jokes and he got a great reaction from his audience.

Harts fan base gradually grew when he went on a tour in 2009 where he used the phrase that he is a Grown Little Man. He did not stop there after his 2009 tour but he continued on another tour in 2010 called Seriously Funny. Kevin continued going on different tours every year with different themes for every tour. Kevin grossed 15 million dollars in a tour dubbed “Laugh at my Pain” which was among the best selling tours in comedy that year.

Kevin Hart’s Achievements.

  1. Kevin Hart has earned a star in the Walk of Fame in Live Performance. This was at the Hollywood Boulevard in 2016.
  2. He earned two Kids Choice Awards and 2 People’s Choice Awards.
  3. He is the winner of CinemaCon Awards.
  4. Making a record of the first comedian to fill a stadium. This was in Philadelphia in 2015.
  5. Has BET Awards for Best Actor.

He not only ventured in comedy alone but he also has a game that is available download. Kevin has a lot of fans all over the world. Most of his international fans knew him through YouTube. Kevin made history in his tour for Kevin Hart: What Now? That filled up Philadelphia Lincoln football stadium where he performed in front of 53,000 fans.

When it comes to the comedy world, Kevin Hart is a force to be reckoned with. He is an inspiration as he made it from the bottom to the top with all his problems. Coming from a broken home and, having a father who was a jailbird it’s not easy making it. This shows that instead of wallowing in sorrows because of our problems, we should use those problems as a force that pushes as forward in life. Kevin is a comedian who has marked a territory in of the top spots in Comedy.

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