Arguably one of the best rappers of all time Kendrick arrived in this world in 1987. This great rapper was hatched in 17th June a nappy head with the world behind him as he raps in his song. Apart from being a rapper, he has doubled up as a musing producer and, a song writer. Kendrick took the world by storm because of his articulated lyrics that one had listen to carefully to understand where the meaning of what he says in the song. From his debut, he became a very influential rapper speaking about almost everything from different perspectives including life and politics.

He never let his guard down in the rap industry making sure that everybody knew who he was and, that is “the best” in what he does. Duckworth is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hiphop as in his lyrics he someone who is on a mission and, is ready to destroy rapper who dare cross his path. From his debut in the mainstream, in his lyrics he vowed to be the greatest in Hiphop and that is what he has been working on ever since.

Early life before fame.

This rapper was given the name Kendrick Lamar Duckworth at his birth. Being born in Compton which is one of the dreaded neighborhoods in America, he was destined to be the story teller through rap of the situation bad neighborhoods in America. Kendrick’s folks had decided to relocate to Chicago. They wanted to avoid the dangerous lifestyle but when they came to Compton they fell into the same predicament yet again.

He grew up around gang members though he decided not to join any gang from a young age. He had friends who had already joined gangs while in high school and his father was a gangster partisan. His first name was out of his mother’s love for Eddie Kendricks who was an American singer and, Song-writer. Eddie Kendricks was in a group called The Temptations. Being raised on welfare, he did not let this keep him back from chasing his dreams after witnessing music video shoot by Dre and Pac in the hit California Love.

Kendrick was a silent and timid in school as he was mainly concerned with his studies at McNair and Vanguard Learning Centre where he used to walk alone till he was seven when he started having friends. He did his high school studies at Centennial. In high school, Kendrick always got A’s in his exams.

At 16 years old, he decided to start following by releasing his first mixtape in his K-Dot rap name. This made him get recognition in his locality and, even respect as he was a young 16 year old. After the mixtape Lamar earned a contract at TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) which was new at the time. This record label was situated in Carson which was still in California. His dream began there as he started recording his rap music including releasing a mixtape with 26 tracks at the age of 18.

He started getting gigs with fellow up and coming rappers from California as opening acts for The Game who is a legend Hiphop. Lamar got lucky and was even featured in 2 songs by The Game. In 2008 Lamar was featured in a song of his fellow upcoming artist Jay Rock in which Lil Wayne was a part of. Lil Wayne who was then a renowned star, gave Kendrick a co-sign where he recorded and released a 3rd mixtape in 2009 with the title C4. The mixtape revolved mainly around Wayne’s album, Tha Carter 3.

After his third mixtape, he decided to his name as the rap name and dropped the name K-Dot. He later joined a rap group The Black Hippy. This group contained his friend Jay Rock and Ab-Soul. He toured the whole of 2010 with Tech 9ne and Rock for a grind tour. This propelled Kendrick’s career and in 2012, he dropped his first album.

The album was received very well that he was able to get a contract under the label of Dre and, Eminem in 2012 and the rest is history as released another album later called To Pimp A Butterfly which picked up well on the market even earning him Grammy Awards.

 Undoubtedly, Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest rappers of all time winning numerous awards including the BET. Most of his awards are based on lyricism. He will always have a top spot in the Hiphop world. Kendrick is one of the inspirational rappers with his life story of grass to grace.



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