Jumia is an online shopping store where one can sell and by products directly from the seller. It was established in Kenya in the year 2013. The main objective of Jumia was to be an online shop where one can get everything they want to buy or sell online without the hustle of moving out of your comfort to go and buy products somewhere.

This online shopping centre is the major retail shop online in Kenya. Jumia has structure that enables one to get the purchased goods on time which is 1 to 5 days of purchase of an item. Jumia operates around the clock which is 24/7 a week.

This online shop has a country wide market including delivering the product in any part of the country. It has also helped young entrepreneurs by training them on online business by creating the 1st E-commerce academy in Kenya. The academy trains the young youths on online trade and exposing young entrepreneurs to a variety of Business opportunities in Kenya. The work Jumia has done made them win the World retail award in its first year of operation which was 2013. This made Jumia to be the first African company to scoop the award. Jumia has won numerous awards for the hard work they put in to ensure customers are satisfied.

How to create a Jumia Account to purchase products.

  1. Go to the web browser on a phone or computer that has internet access.
  2. Click on the address bar, and type “jumia.co.ke” which will bring the Jumia start page where one will start the sign up.
  3. Click on the “your account” button to start creating the account. After clicking the button one should choose the “sign up” section. This will kick start the process of registration of the account in Jumia.
  4. One should fill up the create new customer account which is a form that will be presented to the person who wants to open the account. It is important to note that even though not all information is to be filled in the form but the ones that have mark of a star(*) are compulsory to be filled.
  5. After filling the form, one should click on the submit button and then one will be provided with a page showing the registration is successful.
  6. One can then continue with their wish of shopping with Jumia by selecting the Jumia logo and clicking it.

How to create a Jumia Account to sell products.

  1. One should sign up with the Jumia site. This will involve providing information about the business that will satisfy Jumia Registration for sellers. This includes;
  2. The company’s information; name of business, phone number of business, address and the location of the business.
  3. The product which one wishes to sell on Jumia and information about the product. This will involve selecting the class of the product and one will be required to inform Jumia if the already selling the product on other online sites.
  4. The business should accept and agree to Jumia’s terms and conditions of service. The admin of the account should read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting.

How to make money on Jumia.

  1. One can make money by being an affiliate Partner. One needs to join affiliate, select find product, then click promote product. Then one should select track sales then earn commission. Where one promotes a product of a company successfully on their own website on Jumia. One receives a commission within thirty days after every order which is made by the click of an affiliate link.
  2. Money can also be made through Jumia by one being a consultant who is independent. One is required to register with Jumia and in the case where one is accepted by Jumia as a sales consultant, one can start making money by selling Jumia products on the site.

Through this, one can also be trained and with time earn higher commissions. During the training, one is equipped with online shopping knowhow and skills necessary to continue with their trade.

  • One can also just sell their own products and services on the Jumia website and make their own profit. Jumia allows one to list the range of their own products for the potential customers to choose from.

This helps many businesses which have already been set up but want to expand their market. The go to Jumia to find more customers who cannot physically reach their shops. One is required to upload their products on Jumia to attract customers who have not seen the product or service before.

Jumia is an important platform for businesses that are starting and even the already established businesses as it is free of charge. This can enable a business to expand countrywide without opening other business outlet in every part of the country. Jumia is an app that should be embraced by businesses.



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