[1]One the best of World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler was born on 23rd April in 1977. He holds 16 World Championship titles. John Cena was engaged to Elizabeth in 2009. They got married in the same year. The marriage did not last because they got divorced in the same year on July. He had a relationship with Nikki Bella. She was a wrestler but did not last for long. They separated a month before their wedding.  

[2]This living champion was a son of John Anthony Cena and Carol. He loved sports as a kid. He liked going to the gym and watching wrestling when he was fifteen. He used to look up to the wrestlers who were on WWE. Cena went to College after he finished his High School. He was reading Physical Education in college. He joined the football team in college earning a 3rd division in aggressive lineman. The team made him captain

John moved to California after he was through with college and, worked as a bodybuilder. He folded towels and, cleaned toilets while he worked as a part-time limousine driver. He was later made to be a coach at Venice Beach Gym.

In 2000, he decided to chase his dreams of becoming a WWE star. This was his dream as a teenager. A year later, he worked as a wrestler in Ohio. John Cena’s first fight he lost to fight Kurt Angle who was then a very experienced wrestler. This was in 2002 June the 27th.

[3]He had a very slow growth in the WWE. He decided to build his image as a celebrity in 2004. At the United States Big Show Championship, he won the title but did not stay with the belt for long. It was taken from him after a short while. He regained the belt soon. John was on a mission to become the WWE world champion. Nothing was going to pull him back not even losing it again. He had kidney failure which was as a result of Carlito’s security punching him in the stomach. After this kidney failure, he took a break from fighting in the ring for a short while he was recovering.

John Cena in 2005 was involved in different arguments with fellow wrestlers and, manager. He had enemies who also wanted to fight with him in the ring. This made him lose to a former rapper called Federline after the rapper was helped by Umaga. Cena was not satisfied with the match and, asked for a rematch. John won the rematch. He was so angry with Umaga that they decided to have a fighting match which he won. Later he met Mr. Kennedy in the ring where he had a muscle rip after a hip throw. Cena lost the fight. He was hospitalized and, spent more than half a year in hospital.

After recovery, he joined the Royal Rumble in 2008. He managed to reach the last round. Although Cena is a Champion and might be viewed as someone who got it all easy, he suffered again in 2008 after he damaged his neck. John had to be operated on. Again, he was out of action in WWE for some months. Mysterio took his place as he had to undergo a surgical procedure.

The WWE superstar also was involved in acting movies where his first movie was The Marine. Even if it was not well-received, John Cena had loyal fans ranging from kids to adults. They made the movie get into the box office movies. This was mostly because of the curiosity of his fans who wanted to see Cena on the screen.

John Cena also tried to venture into music where he released his album of rap; you can’t see me. He was lucky enough to have fans that pushed it to number 15 on the billboard 200 list. He was helped by his cousin to create the album. “The time is now” was the song that got most of everyone’s attention as he even performed it with a famous rap band.

Cena was not only a wrestler to kids across the world, but he was also a superhero. The kids not only loved him for his action in the ring but also his personality. He entertained kids across the world in the ring but also outside the ring. John also is mentioned in many songs but the one that stands out is “John Cena” by Sho Madjozi a South African musician as the artiste mentioned John Cena as an idol she watched on television while young.

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