A hotspot where one can access the net through wi-fi without requiring a tangible internet connection. One is required to use a router that is connected to an internet service provider. This is just a place where one can wirelessly connect their devices to the devices which allows internet connections; tablets, laptop, mobile phones, or a device that can connect to the internet.

One can create an internet hotspot that is either private or public. A hotspot can be created in different places for people to use either in hotels, offices, or anywhere they wish. Public offers free internet connection to anyone that needs an internet connection while private is only for personal use by someone who wants to use it. In a public hotspot, one can offer the internet for free or charge some cash for use of the internet connection. One can use a phone, tablet, or laptop to create a hotspot.

How to create a laptop hotspot.

  1. One is to take its internet-connected device and download Connectify if the device does not have one and then install the application. One can get the app from the Google Play Store or Appstore depending on the device one is using.
  2. After the download of Connectify, one should restart their computer and check if the laptop has connected to the internet. One should then run the Connectify application hotspot.
  3. After the above, one will see two tabs in the Connectify application; Settings and Clients. One should then pick the settings tab and click on the “create” and select wi-fi hotspot.
  4. Once one is under the internet share, click on the drop-down menu. In the menu, one should pick a connection that they desire to share. This application usually works well with a wired and wireless connection.
  5. One should then add a password in case they want a private hotspot.

Why use a laptop hotspot.

  1. A laptop hotspot is one that can be relied on and has a high speed in connectivity. It allows high speed when one connects to the hotspot. Hotspot helps avoid distractions that one gets from a wired internet connection.
  2. A hotspot can be used in certain businesses for marketing. In businesses, one can use wi-fi hotspots to attract customers. The customers can use the internet connection while waiting for services to be provided like in hotels or goods to be given to them.
  3. A wi-fi hotspot is very within your means as one is the one that chooses the type of hotspot they want to use. In businesses, installation is cheap as one only needs a laptop for multiple customers to use.
  4. A laptop hotspot provides broad coverage for the users of the laptop as one can also use a mobile phone to access the hotspot.
  5. With a hotspot, one is able to connect to numerous devices to connect to the internet at the same time. The users only need to connect to the hotspot by providing the necessary information to access the internet through the hotspot.
  6. A laptop hotspot is an easy way to connect your devices to wi-fi. One can use any device that can allow an internet connection to use the hotspot.
  7. The laptop has the added advantage of blocking advertisements that pop up when one is using the hotspot. It has an Adblocker which helps one to avoid unnecessary adverts from different sites.
  8. A laptop hotspot helps one to evade connections that are costly. One can create the hotspot and use it in various devices instead of buying bundles for every device unanimously.

How to open a hotspot using the command prompt.

Requirements; 1. A laptop that is functioning and also has windows.

                           2. A laptop with a network card that is wireless.

                          3. An administration entrée to the laptop.

  • One should start up their laptop and place instructions on one side of the screen while leaving the other side open.
  • One should open the command prompt. One should then tap on the search box and search for “cmd prompt”. This is a tool that the laptop has to command the laptop to modify the laptop settings
  • One should then follow the process that will be provided and create a command for the laptop to carry out which is creating a hotspot.



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