Netflix is a streaming service that one has to subscribe to in order to enjoy watching TV shows and movies on a device that can connect to the internet. Netflix lets the users enjoy TV shows and movies with no distracting commercials while the user is watching on Netflix. It also allows one to download TV shows and movies to watch later on their device as long as it connected to an internet connection. Contents on Netflix vary by area and usually change over time. One can view a wide range of content from Netflix Originals, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more just by one click.

Why have a Netflix account.

  • Netflix has a wide range of collections when it comes to entertainment. It has different genres of movies from comedy, romance, thrill, horror, adventure, or suspense all one has to do is create their account on Netflix. Netflix is a wide source of entertainment.
  • Netflix has no commercials popping up in the middle of movies or TV Shows. If you always feel irritated when commercials pop up in the middle of movies, then Netflix is definitely where one should watch the favorite movies or shows.  Netflix has made sure that movies and shows do not have commercials popping up since it is usually annoying to those who love their movies without distractions from commercials.
  • With Netflix, one is able to enjoy Netflix services from anywhere in this world as long as you have an internet connection. One can stream movies and TV shows from anywhere with a device that has an internet connection.
  • Netflix allows for spree watching. Sometimes one might always be anxious when waiting for a complete whole week to see the next episode and sometimes it might be annoying to many movie lovers hence Netflix allows one to enjoy their favorite series all at once.
  • Netflix is user friendly. Netflix has an interface that is easy to use. It has a website that is easy to use by both the old and the young.
  • Netflix doesn’t mind much if one shares their account with other people. This is a huge plus for Netflix as this has enabled them to even bring more customers on board.

How to sign up for a Netflix Account on the web.

  1. One should take their internet-connected device and tap on the browser to open it. On the search box put and press search. Once on the Netflix page, one will be required to give a payment method even though you will get a one-month membership free of charge for one to try out the Netflix account.
  2. Click on “Join Free for a Month” and Netflix will direct one through some pages for one to go through the signing up process for the account.
  3. One should then go to “See the plans” in order for one to view their options on the plans of streaming that one wishes and which is affordable to you. The plans will have little information about them and the prices.
  4. One is then to select the plan that he/she wishes to join for streaming. Netflix will provide you with 3 viewing plans where you will have to choose one; Basic plan-This allows one to watch Netflix on one device at any particular time and this is a plan where one will not be sharing an account with anybody else, Standard plan- One will get HD quality video and can use it with 2 internet-connected devices at the same time and Premium plan- Allows up to 4 people to watch in different devices at the same time and also has Ultra HD video quality.
  5. One is to enter their email address with a new password in the blanks that will be provided and press “continue”.
  6. One has to choose the method of payment. Some options will be provided on the screen for one to choose from.
  7. One is then to enter their information on payment. After this process, one can get a membership on Netflix by clicking “Start membership”. At this point, one has already created their account and can start streaming movies and TV shows right away from any device that has internet access.

How to sign up on Roku.

  • One should access the Roku home screen through the browser if you have a Roku device that can stream by connecting to your television that will be used.
  • On the home screen, one should pick Netflix. In case there is no Netflix icon on the screen, one should choose “streaming channels” or the “Channel Store” button if it is Roku 1.
  • Roku will then suggest one to sign up for a Netflix account. This will be through a visit to in a web browser. One will find a procedure to follow in order to open the account.
  • One should log into the Netflix site on their Roku device. Now that you have created an account after the above process, one can sign in and enter a name you will use with the account and a password. Once you sign in, you can access your favorite movies and TV shows immediately.



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