A Play station 4 profile is a membership program which allows one to store your saved games, screenshots and send videos to cloud to remember your achievements in gaming through console. One can also be able to store your facial information where one uses hands free sign in.

The process of creating a PlayStation profile.

  1. One should start by turning Console on. One should then activate their PlayStation 4 DualShock controller by forcing down the PS button which is at the middle  of the PS  pad and then choose “New User”.
  2. One should then tap on the “Create a User” button. This screen will then give you the choice to play as a guest that gives you a brief profile which the data will be deleted when one logs out. One should then accept the user agreement which will be provided on the next page.
  3. One will then be linked to their PSN (PlayStation Network) account. In the event that you already have an account on the PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita, one can port it to your PlayStation 4by signing in that account. If you do not have one, click on “Creating a new PSN account” which is at bottom of this screen. One should then return to step 4.
  4. There will also be a voluntary sign up for PlayStation Plus. This is not for the people who already have a PSN account that is subscribed to PlayStation Plus as you won’t see this step if you are already subscribed to one. For the new PSN account holders, they will be prompted to join the PlayStation Plus at their own will. The Play Station Plus are usually needed when one wants to have access to free games which are offered on the PlayStation Network and they will allow you to enjoy playing online with multiplayer.
  5. One is then advised to put console as their key PS4. One is most likely to create the account on your home PS4, hence one will need to activate that tool as the key console for your PSN account. This will enable console to store your data and facial information so that one can easily sign into the console by standing facing the camera.
  6. One also has an optional step of adding their face information to the account. One can also coach the PlayStation 4 to be acquainted with your face at this point.

How one can delete their PlayStation 4 profile.

  1. One should then proceed to the PlayStation settings.
  2. One should then scroll down the screen to “Login settings”. One should then tap on the Login setting.
  3. One should then click on the “User Management”
  4. After the above, one should then tap on the “Delete User” button.
  5. One should then choose the user profile they wish to delete.

Importance of having a PlayStation profile.

  1. PlayStation 4 profile enables one to have online multiplayer. This has removed the olden days of paying a game on the computer alone or with one other friend. With the PS 4 profile one has the advantage of playing with 3 or 4 players on their system all at the same time. Through the PlayStation Plus this has been made possible via the internet.
  2. With the profile, one is able to enjoy special discounts. Once you join the Plus membership, one can visit the PlayStation store and make purchases at a discount.
  3. The profile gives one instant game collection. It is common knowledge that buying games one at a time through console can be quite expensive. This has made it quite advantageous where one has a PlayStation Plus as one has a habitual selection of game labels that have been curetted purposely for them which are offered to them with no extra costs.
  4. One is also given an advantage of game saves while online. One has an impressive access as a PlayStation Plus member like automatically/manually uploading game save files to storage where they will be kept in the cloud for later entertainment.
  5. One is still quite safe even when there is a hardware failure. With the plus membership, when hardware is crashed or stolen, one needs not worry much as one is able to store their files in the cloud account.
  6. With a PlayStation 4 profile, one gets the fast access to new games when the game creators make new games headings and new editions of old titles. With the PlayStation Plus membership, one is able to be one of the first people to get access to the new titles that are created regularly.



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