Do you need to schedule a zoom call with your colleagues but not sure how? Here at,we will be going to show you exactly how to schedule a zoom call. Let us get started.


  1. To begin with, open your browser and search for “ZOOM.US” and thereafter log in to your account.
  2. Afterwards, click on “My account” at the far right corner of the device you are using.
  3. At the top tap on the option labeled “schedule a meeting”. Now you can add some details for your meeting.
  4. Add a topic and description so the people you want to invite will know what the meeting is all about.
  5. Then add the date and time you would like the meeting to start as well as the duration of the meeting.
  6. You can automatically generate a unique meeting ID for this call or use your personal meeting room ID
  7. If you plan to have a meeting with the same people at the same time on a regular basis, click the “Recurring meeting” checkbox then choose the recurrence, how often to repeat it and an end date or number of times that you want the meeting to occur.
  8. If you want to keep your meeting more secure, you can set a password to protect the meeting room by checking off the required meeting password box, then type in what you would like the password to be.
  9. You can choose if you want the host or participants to have their video on audio or not by ticking the small boxes either on/off.
  10. You can also have the meeting options where you can choose to :
  11. Enable join before host.
  12. Mute participants upon entry.
  13. Enable waiting room.
  14. Record your meeting automatically on a local computer.
  15. When you are done filling in the above details, click “save”.
  16. You can now add the meeting to your Google outlook or yahoo calendar and invite your colleagues from there or you can click “copy invitation” and send the invite through e- mail or your company’s instant messaging system.
  17. Once you have set up a meeting, you can find it under the “my meetings” tab and on the meetings page located zoom desktop app.
  18. That is all it takes to schedule a zoom conference call. Thank you for your time.



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