Hard reset (factory reset/master reset) is a perfect way of removing all data in your mobile Smartphone and making it to mimic a new device just like it left the place of manufacture. 

Many people have a wrong perspective of what hard reset is. At times, one may think it is time-consuming or it may ruin your device. The above allegations are very wrong because hard reset is not only a speedy method of Resetting your device, but it also ensures that your phone is as good as new

The procedures below are the best possible methods to remove all data from your phone, making it mirror a newly bought one. Follow the steps correctly to bring the best results. Thank you:


1. Powers on your HUAWEI Y550 phone then go to the setting icon.

2. Allocate down to the last option in the menu at the bottom.

3. Place on “System.”

4. Tap cautiously the Reset option.

5. Select “Erase all data (factory reset.)”

6. Make sure that you want to erase your HUAWEI Y550 phone’s data.

7. Insert correct pin or pattern and select “yes erase everything” to continue.

8. Congratulations! Now follow the correct reboot processes via Wi-Fi or mobile data.


A very effective method if you are not familiar with your password. Quick, simple and Precise; this method is also reliable when you want to merchandise your HUAWEI Y550.

  1. Turn off your device accurately.  Alternatively, you can remove and reinsert battery provided that your phone is not running any active application.
  • Long-hold the volume up+ power button keys repeatedly until the android recovery shows up. In some version, you required to use volume down instead.
  • Choose “factory reset/wipe data”. To navigate, use volume keys. To enter, use the power key. A missed input may bring undesirable results; proceed with caution.
  • Accept by selecting “yes delete all user data” in the next screen by using the power button.
  • After the factory reset sequence is complete. Choose reboot system now to start your HUAWEI Y550.



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