Simply put, hard reset (factory reset/master reset) is deleting of all data in your mobile Smartphone and making it to look like a new device just like it left the place of manufacture/factory.  

Hanging or slow devices may usually prompt one to hard reset most especially because your device space is full. Another reason could be because you want to market your Huawei and you do not remember your password or pin or perhaps you want to quickly and efficiently clear all data before sell

Below are very simple ways/methods to admirably hard reset your Huawei

METHOD 1                             

1.    Patiently Switch on your HUAWEI Y3 LUA-U02 phone then go to the setting icon. It is usually indicated by the bolt icon. 

2.    Slowly pursue down to the last option in the menu at the bottom.

3.    Click appropriately on “System.”

4.    Tap the Reset option.

5.     Choose “Erase all data (factory reset.)”

6.     Ensure that you want to erase your HUAWEI Y3 LUA-U02 phone’s data.

7.    Type in the correct pin or pattern and select “yes erase everything” to continue.

8.    Now the Hard Reset was successful. Good Job! Patiently wait for your phone to restart and complete the initial setup via Wi-Fi or Mobile data.


  1. Carefully Turn off your HUAWEI Y3 LUA-U02 device properly or remove and reinsert battery. Advisable to make sure no App is running.
  • Now firmly long-press the Volume Key first then the Power key after 2.5 seconds then leave Power Button when HUAWEI logo pops for about 9 seconds. Note: Do NOT release the Volume Button during the process.
  • Three options will provided, use power key to choose “factory reset/wipe data”.
  • You will be prompted to select wipe data/factory reset if you wish to continue.  (Next screen)Push the power button to select. 
  • Wait for your device to factory reset. These may take a few minutes.
  • Using the power key in the next screen, select Reboot System now.
  • You will have properly Hard Reset your HUAWEI Y3 LUA-U02.. Complete device startup via WIFI or Cellular to continue.



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