Your curriculum vitae (CV) is a very important document in the application of a job. In this article I am going to guide you step by step to writing the powerful CV. It is important for you to know that there is no perfect CV that is because the contents of the ideal CV are determined by the position and the person who is applying for a job.

The best visual design for your CV depends on which industry you are in but make sure that it would be easy for the employer to go through your CV easily and the most important information should stand out from the rest.

Employers use the information on your CV to decide how suitable you are for the position, this means you should tailor the position in your CV to each position you apply for. Ask yourself how you want the employer to think of you after reading your CV. Once you know that, you will know what to include, remove or emphasize in your CV. Let us go ahead and check out the procedure to come out with a powerful CV.


This is the first step to write your CV. This section should contain your personal information such as your name, your birth date and your contact details. Check out the example below.

Name:                           __________________________________

Date of Birth:                __________________________________

Address:              __________________________________

Mobile:                         __________________________________

Email:                            __________________________________


This second section and in this section you describe who you are in just a few sentences, what you have to offer and what your ambitions are. For example


This is where you show your academic accomplishments starting from the highest level either university or college to the lowest level and not more than three bullet points, you can list your most significant results such as a high average result.


Your work experience section should contain your internships and any previous relevant work. Clearly state you job title, responsibilities and primary task. The more specific you can about what you did the better.Sort your bullet points with relevance with the most relevant at the top.


In this section, describe what you like to do out of school. This tells the employer a lot about you. What do you like to do for fun, what skills have you developed outside your studies? What are your interests? You can list as many activities as you want as long as they show you possess skills your employer will find relevant and remember to use bullet points.


This is the last section of writing your CV. In this section, it is always recommended to have three referees. What I mean by referees is people who know you better, It could be you parents, your brother, tour uncle, cousin etc. Always share your CV with these individuals before you even list them. At a minimum, the information you should provide about your referees are their names, the position they hold in the organization they work and an email address. Do not put their personal number especially without their approval



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