We lined up on both sides of the road from the school gate ready to welcome our Member of Parliament (MP). It was our school prize-giving day and each pupil had taken time to look impeccable in the school our school was nothing special so a member of parliament honoring us with his presence was big news, little did we know that our big day was not to be. A popular saying, my grandmother loved reciting to us day in day out was shown perfectly on that day. The saying went a little bit like this, if I knew where I would die, I would not go there. If we knew what would befall us on that ill lasted day, I am certain none of us would be found within a ten-mile radius of the place we were currently standing

Time ticked slowly by and the awaited guest had not yet arrived-impatience was slowly building and the air was thick with anticipation coupled with tension. Some, or should I say most of us, were ready to throw in the towel and head’ back to our respective classrooms when disaster struck. All we heard was the deafening blast of an explosion followed by the sight of huge flames licking at the blue sky. Now, most pupils would have ran away from the source of all the commotion but that was not the case. Curiosity held us by the scruffs of our necks and led us to find out what had caused the explosion. Well, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back.

Throwing caution to the wind, we ran towards the source of the fire all the while turning a deaf ear to the pleas of our teachers to turn back. It did not take long to reach the centre of everything and we soon found out that a gasoline station had exploded. The start was yet to be ascertained. As we stood around gaping at the flames leaping higher and higher into the air, the e was another violent explosion and this one sent all of us flying. I guess we should have been smart enough to know that misfortunes seldom come singly but we were not and our ignorance cost us dearly.

I cannot exactly remember regaining consciousness, I just found myself crawling on the ground, pinching my nose shut as protection from the smoke filled the air. Location of my fellow pupils proved to be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack an attempt which was equally futile, snatches from conversations here and there confirmed my worst fears, casualties from the scene of the explosion had been numerous mainly consisting of young pupils.

   Lady luck had smiled upon me that day for I had escaped with but a few bruises.        

Most of my classmates were not as lucky and had suffered ill fates. The Member of Parliament actually did show up that day, however his message was a sober one. All in all we had no one to blame but ourselves



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