Li Huawa diagnosed with a rare spinal cord condition when he was just 18 years of age. The condition left him folded. He had to live seeing the world upside down for 28 years. Three parts of his body looked connected and what is even depressing is that he ate, bathed and even slept like this spending his life in physical and mental pain. Because of the complexity of his condition, every doctor rejected to operate on him.

They were afraid to take any risk because any surgery in his state could possibly kill him. His mother stated that she took him to several places to seek help but none of the treatments worked. She clearly didn’t want to see her son live like that. She was hopeful that one day her son would live a normal life.

They travelled the whole of China trying to find a doctor who was brave enough to operate on his son for many years with no success until finally they met Dr. Tao Huiren. It took two weeks for Dr. Tao Huiren to come up with a plan of how he would unfold Li Hua. His plan sounded crazy as he said that they needed to break Li Hua’s bones and reconstruct them again.

 Dr. Tao Huiren said that the operation they were planning for Li Hua was very challenging and he compared the situation to like climbing Mt. Everest, meaning it was very challenging. It took four operations breaking every bone in Li Hua’s body but being folded for almost 30 years Li was ready to take the risk.

 Li’s mother could have given up over the years but she didn’t because of the love she had for his son. Dr Tao Huiren could have given up like other doctors but he didn’t. After years of never ending pain, misery and hope, what seemed impossible became possible, Li Hua, the folded man is no longer folded.

After the successful operation, Li Hua said that he could finally take a closer look at his mom and he further added that his mom looked older and her hair had turned grey. He hoped that he could recover soon so that she could be relieved of his burden.

May Li Hua’s story show us that when people around us don’t give up on us the impossible can become possible.



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