The twenty-six-year-old male rapper from Atlanta is one of the most talked-about rappers currently in the industry. He is the one behind the successful and well-known albums Drip Harder and a set of popular mixtapes all of them containing the word Hard in its title. His Government name is Dominique Armani, born in a poor part of Atlanta. He grew up with his mother and two young sisters as his father left them when he was just a child.

As a teenager, Dominique would constantly be involved in gangs and drugs which would later lead him to cause trouble at his school. In the ninth, he dropped out because school became irrelevant to the teenager. After dropping out, he found himself getting more involved in narcotics and was later arrested and charged with the possession of illegal drugs and intent of selling. He was incarcerated for twenty-four months, after which he came out and started pursuing a career in rap, with the group four pockets filled and quality music.

His first mixtape Perfectly timed featured many prominent rappers, including Young Thug and Lil Yachty. It was released shortly after coming from prison. His second mixtape came as a hit, Harder than that, was released due to public pressure on June 19, 2017. Later that the same year he released another mixtape that received positive reviews, though not being as big as it’s predecessors. It was titled The Hard Road.

In December that same year, Dominique’s mixtape was released, named Too hard, led by his single, which went on to become a hit after being released as a music video, titled Freestyle. This mixtape brought in a lot of attention towards the rapper. His next album Drip too hard, was a collaboration between him and his friend, Gunna, in October 2018. The mixtape was a commercial success, shooting up Dominique’s popularity in the industry. The mixtape had several high profiled rappers including the likes of Drake and Future.

He did his first-ever acting gig in September 2018 featuring on Adult Swimmer’s TV series, Fish steak center. He also appeared in the movie How High and it’s a sequel. Since then, he has done a number of collaborations with a number of rappers most notably The Baby, on the song Baby. After George Floyd’s death, he did something that shocked his fans, the deed in question was releasing a song that had a message, a song that made sense. The song, The Bigger Picture talks about the black struggle and racism in the community. The young rapper has a lot to offer and it’s obvious we have not seen the last of him, yet.

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