You might have watched the comedy series Dave or just love one of these comedic genius songs on Spotify, but whichever the case, he is original. Born David Andrew on March fifteenth, 1998, David is a Jewish comedian and rapper who came to the public eye after releasing a music video of the hit single, Ex-boyfriends in late 2015. His childhood was not particularly hard or challenging, but he has stated that he had a hard time engaging with the opposite sex. He stated that comedy came easy to him, it was a talent he had from pre-school always having the ability to make his peers burst out laughing. Dave started rapping and doing presentations in rap when he was only in the sixth grade.

Initially, David did not intend to make rap a career, Instead he was going to use rap to draw in attention from the media then get into writing scripts for TV programs and movies. In 2011, he started writing his debut album, which he made a mixtape. Dave had to juggle his daily job and making music which he recorded himself, which led to the album taking almost three years to complete. Once completed, the single on the mixtape X-Boyfriends racked in over two million views on Youtube on its release day. He later released the other song which did well too, and after being released, he started a fundraiser which brought in a hundred and fifty thousand dollars

David released his label album in 2015 after going on several live concerts managed by the label that has a rooster of Tyga, Kidd Cudi, and others. The album was named Professionally a rapper and had several collaborations from Fetty Wap, Retro Jace, and more famed rappers. This set him up as one of the best up-coming rappers of 2015 and also boosted his popularity in the music spotlight. He decided to continue releasing more music after witnessing his fan base grow too fast, after releasing his album.

His video for the song Pillows Talk was ranked at number forty-eight of the most expensive music videos to be ever made. The SFX of the video was what made it expensive. In 2017, he claimed that he had a Television show coming up on an undisclosed network, which had his fans waiting. He later revealed that the show was still ongoing production. In 2018, he did a collaboration with rap superstar, Chris Breezy on a song named Freaks Friday, and released a music video that same month. The song hit a hundred and ten million views on Youtube in its opening month and was soon certified gold. He went on an international tour that same year.

Dave released a musical video Earth on his Youtube Channel. The song had numerous artists including Selena Gomez and Yelawolf, voicing different characters in the video. David said the project the best thing he has ever done and probably, the best thing he ever will do. He proceeded to produce and star in the comedy series Dave which aired in early 2020.



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