You might know him as Bobby or Young Sinatra, but his real name is Robert Hall, one of the best authentic mixed rappers in the music. He was born in 1990 in Rockville, Maryland. His father was a black man, and his mother was a white church singer who later got addicted to alcohol. His father was very much addicted to drugs, mostly cocaine, which was supplied to him by his sons, who made Crack Cocaine themselves. Bobby’s parents were never around and his elder brothers took care of him most of the times, he stated that he has the required knowledge to manufacture Crack Coke, a skill he acquired while spending time with his brothers.

After watching a movie written by one of Wu-Tang Clan’s members, Bobby grew a deep love for rap and hip hop. He met Solomon Tyler, a DJ, and writer who mentored Bobby in his early years. Tyler would bring Bobby various tapes and recordings of instrumentals, and he would write rhymes to those beats. He soon started mimicking Eminem’s rapping style after hearing shady’s song Lose yourself. Soon Bobby developed his own rapping style, and he released his first mixtape which led him to open for several major rappers, using the name Psychological as his stage name. This made him develop more and improve his skill as a performer.

After the release of his first unofficial mixtape to be released was Logic: The Mixtapes, he released another official mixtape, Young plus Broke, in December 2010. He got positive reviews from critics who thought the mixtape was a good start for the rapper. Psychological later signed to an independent label called the Visionary Music Group. The label helped him release his third mixtape, now using his moniker Logic. The mixtape was named Young Sinatra, it racked in millions of views on youtube and received critical praise from numerous sites and magazines. It was the first mixtape in the Young Sinatra series.

Bobby released another mixtape tackling his personal issues with his family and what he went through growing up. He kept a constant style and rhythm, keeping his music true to his origins, Bobby went on tour in Europe which was his first time touring the continent. He toured with fellow artists Travis Scott and Schoolboy Q. during the same year, he signed to Def Jam and was assigned a personal executive producer with the label. Bobby released his third Young Sinatra mixtape and it was a success. Critics praised it for being an outstanding artwork, which showcased Logic’s Growth as an artist.

Logic’s debut album, Under Pressure, went on and peaked at number four on the Billboard charts. It was a critical and commercial success, selling over a hundred thousand copies in its first week. Bobby’s album Everybody debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, being his first topping album. The single 1-800 was certified double platinum and debuted at number three at the US Billboard charts. He has since released several albums, three of them topping the Billboard Top 200. He released his final album No pressure in mid-2020 and announced that it was his last album. Logic announced his retirement after the album. It still is unclear if he will return to give his fans more songs, but he gave his reason for retirement, saying that he wants to be a good father to his child.



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