The door to my bedroom suddenly flew open and father stormed in, boiling with anger. Even before I said “hello” he caught the sleeves of my dress and threw me on the brown floor. I landed on the floor with a loud bang. I felt an excruciating pain seething through my left leg.

          I could not understand his wrath. I sat there on the floor my mind in sixes and sevens. I raised my head up and our eyes locked. He stared at me his eyes as red as beetroot. He clenched his fist and as he was about to give me a blow my mother stormed into my room. She came up in front of me and tried to protect me from my father but her efforts bore no fruits.

          She was given a hot slap that sent her prowling to the floor. I could not believe my eyes. Not in one occasion had my father come home with such temper. He breathed heavily as his face was all sweaty. My sibling stood by my bedroom door, tears trickling out of their faces like water from a faulty pod.

          Then my father pulled out the daily newspaper “Nation” from his coat. I could not believe my eyes when I saw myself on the first page. There I was laughing and dancing and beside me was Simon. I felt ashamed and betrayed. Who could have done this to me? I soliloquized. I looked at my father and he was as silent as a graveyard.

          He stood there in brooding silence. The silence was frustrating to me. I sat there on the floor feeling ashamed. I wished the ground could open up and swallow me alive.

          Then I decided to break the ice.”I can explain, really” I said, tears cascading down my ruddy face. My father did not want to hear what I had to say. He stormed out of the room and went downstairs. When I heard the screeching of cars, I knew all was not well. Everything came rushing back to my mind. I remembered vividly that fateful day. It was the third of April two thousand and four.

          My father and mother had gone out to celebrate their second wedding anniversary at Hilton Hotel. I had earlier on asked my father for permission, if I could go for a party but he had refused. Knowing better I bid them farewell and went back to the house. After thirty minutes or so I heard a knock on the door. I wondered who would be knocking at that time of the night and so I decided to go and see who it was.

          When I opened the door, it was Simon. Simon was my best friend since we were babies. I welcomed him in the house and asked me whether I was going for the party. I told him that my parents had refused. He wanted me to go for the party. He persuaded me several times then I finally gave in.

          I wore my party clothes and went out of the house. I felt sorry for my young ones, leaving them, alone. Home was not safe. got into his car and off we were headed for the party which was to be held in Round estate.

          On arrival, there was loud music booming everywhere. I was excited yet scared. There were many people at the party. Simon and I walked into the house which was filled to capacity with many young people. There was food which I ate to my full and music which I enjoyed to the hilt. When it was time to go home, Simon took me back home. Little did I know that he had taken photographs of me with him.

          I felt betrayed. Simon was just a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Knowing better I wiped the tears from my eyes, swearing to always look before I leap.

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