If you are having a problem in bypassing FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy J6, then you have come to the right site. Most Samsung J series contains advanced security feature know as factory reset protection which is enabled once someone or a user performs hard reset on the device. We have come up with the best method for you to solve this issue.

Bypass Samsung J6 Google account using applications

  1. Start by connecting your Samsung J6 to a WIFI connection.
  2. Wait until the device connects then select the option “use my Google account instead.”
  3. Now you will be brought to”verifying your account.”
  4. Tap on the “email or phone “tab to open keyboard.
  5. Hit “setting “icon to open “Samsung keyboard.”
  6. Scroll and select “swipe, touch and feedback.”
  7. Navigate and tap the last option “touch feedback”
  8. Select the blue words”sounds and vibration”.
  9. Click “ringtone”
  10. Tap SIM 1
  11. On top right Conner, select”+”sign.
  12. Now you will see a “Samsung setup wizard.”
  13. Click on ”app info”
  14. On “Samsung setup wizard”, scroll and tap “permission.”
  15. Then hit on the top search icon, and then search Google.
  16. Navigate and select “Google” below” app info”
  17. Now tap “open”, search and open internet.
  18. On internet search, type “albastuz3d.net” and click “Go”
  19. Wait for the website to load then download the following applications:

Android 8(GAM).apk

 FRP Bypass.apk

  • Select “Bookmarks” –“History”-“Download history”
  • Wait for the two files to complete downloading
  • Install Android 8 (GAM).apk and click “Done”
  • Install FRP Bypass.apk and “Open”
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right top corner and select “Browser sign-in” then ”OK”
  • Login with a valid Google account, click next then input password and sign in
  • Congratulations you are through! Reboot the Samsung Galaxy J6 and complete the initial setup

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