A Microsoft account is an account that is required when one wants to get services provided by Microsoft. This is an account sponsored by Microsoft to allow one to enjoy all the Microsoft services to the fullest. They are many advantages of using the account especially in the event that one will require to use the following applications; Skype, Office, Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Windows, MSN, or any other app from the Windows 8 store.

Advantages of Microsoft Account.

  1. A Microsoft account allows its user to move with their settings when signing with different PC’s. This is an advantage as one does not have to change the settings every time they sign into their accounts. One can access their search history, pictures, and also applications from different PCs without going through the trouble of transferring them from one PC to another.
  2. A Microsoft account allows one to download and install applications from the Windows 8 store. This can be done only when one has a Microsoft account. Windows 8 store provides a variety of applications for its users with thousands of applications available to its users at the click of a button.
  3. Microsoft account provides with GBs for free storage in OneDrive. With a Microsoft account, one can get up to 7GB of free storage in the cloud through Onedrive. This enables users to get sufficient space to store their particulars in the cloud of Onedrive. One is also provided with a free Onedrive application for the users to manage their Onedrive files straight from their PC.
  4. Helps users keep all their contacts in one place instead of being scattered everywhere. One can access their different social media accounts in one place like Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, and LinkedIn. With the Microsoft account, one can link all of the accounts mentioned above to the People Application and access all my friends’ tweets, their contact information, and status updates all in this App.
  5. Microsoft provides for millions of streaming songs. With the Microsoft Account, one can access the Music Application in the store and enjoy millions of songs by streaming them.
  6. A Microsoft account is needed for one to access all the benefits of Skype. Microsoft purchased Skype in the year 2011 hence anyone who wants to access Skype services is required to have a Microsoft Account.
  7. Microsoft has allowed for new Built-In applications. One is able to delete the baked-n app though they are originally made to stick as part of the OS and they usually get major improvements and new traits as time moves by.

How to create a Microsoft Account on the Sign up page for Microsoft.

  1. One should go to their browser and on the search box, type signup.live.com to get access to the page of Microsoft signup.
  2. Once on the page, select Sign up now on the right-hand side of the page. One will then be forwarded to a form where you will be required to fill in your information for the account.
  3. One will be required to fill in their names in full and also enter their preferred username. One will be asked for their first and last name that they should provide. When has a Gmail or Yahoo account, they can use the accounts as a username.
  4. One will then be required to create a strong password for their Microsoft Account. One should ensure that their password is at least made up of 8 characters and contain the following; lower case, upper case, symbols, and numbers. One is required to do this to strengthen their password and security of their account as this is a private account. One will then have to reenter the password they have chosen to confirm you are the same person who entered the first one or make sure you remember your password.
  5. One will then be required to enter the date of birth, country, and also their gender. These fields are usually at the drop-down options.
  6. One is then required to verify the details they have provided. One should then provide their country code which is in the drop-down button below the gender field and also provide their mobile phone number below it. One will receive an SMS with a verification code or an audio call in order to verify that it is really a person opening the account and not an automated program.
  7. One should then click “Create Account” which is at the bottom of your screen. One has then created a Microsoft account at this point but can only use it after verification of their email address you had provided. One should open their email address and click on the link that has been sent to them to confirm their email address. After this one can now use their Microsoft account at any time they wish.

How to create an Account on OneDrive Service.

  1. One should go and visit OneDrive. OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud service. One can access One Drive from their PC or smartphones. One should just open their browser on their device and type onedrive.live.com.
  2. Once on the page, one should then select “Sign up” at the top of the screen on the right side of the page. There will be a “Create a Microsoft Account” button that will pop up. One should tap the button where one will be forwarded to a page for creating the Microsoft Account.
  3. One will then be required to provide their names in full and select a username for the account. One can use a Gmail account or Yahoo account as their username if they wish to do so.
  4. One will then be required to create a strong password with at least 8 characters. The password should be strengthened by having in its characters; some lower case, Uppercase, symbols, and numbers in the password characters.
  5. One should then provide their date of birth, country, and also their gender.
  6. One will then be required to verify the details they have provided. One can select their country in the drop-down button below gender and also give their mobile phone numbers below it. One should then check the characters provided below their number and enter the characters in the box written: “Enter the characters you see”.
  7. One should then tap n the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the page. At this point, one has already created their Microsoft account but the account can be used only after you confirm the email address that you provided. One will confirm the address by opening their email address and clicking on the link that Microsoft has sent you in order to confirm the email address.



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