Come baby come” is his most popular quote from the Kenyan lawyer, politician, political analyst and advisorthat was directed to the former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.He surprises the people not only with his twin name but also his never missing response no anybody who stands in his way. Miguna is a Kenyan born citizen and a Canadian national who happens to have been born on the 31st day of December in 1962 in Magina village, Kisumu County. He was not lucky to enjoy the father figure because the father died even before he was born. He married a Caribbean lady, Tracey Winter, in 1995 and they were blessed with two young ones. However, their relationship did not stay any longer than three years. He later turned back to Kenya where he gained interest and married another lady, Jane, and have been together ever since. He pursued his CPE in Apondo Primary School, his ‘O’ levels at Onjiko Secondary School and ‘advanced levels’ at Njiiris Boys High School. He advanced his education by pursuing both Law and literature and political science. His leadership skills appeared during his campus days, while in the University of Nairobi, when he became the student leader of his institution. He is as a bright learner who always graduated with distinction from every institution he studied.

His political openness started way back in his campus days when he started being a strong activist. He was against the The President Moi government and claimed to fight for democracy in multiparty. His fight for democracy as he claimed and resistance to President Moi’s government led to his arrest and detention. His release saw him flee to Tanzania and UNHCR offered him an asylum in Swaziland but would later on move to Canada. His move out of Kenya can be seen to have been a positive move despite of the factors that caused it because he advanced his studies and even acquired a master’s degree.

Miguna’s return to Kenya saw him become an advocate in 2008 but this did not kill his political interest. He joined the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) and contested for nominations for an MP position in Nyando Constituency but he was not lucky enough to win. This did not kill his ODM love and continued to campaign for the party for 2007 general elections. He even worked for the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, as a political advisor until 2011 when he was suspended without pay on accusations of misconduct.

In 2010, he received another tone of resistance from the then presidential party, Party of National Unity that accused him of being a foreigner. This is because he was a citizen of both Kenya and Canada and the Kenyan Constitution by that time did not accept dual citizenship. Miguna was quick to respond by claiming that he had been born in Kenya and was hence a Kenyan citizen by birth and had acquired a Canadian citizenship while running away from Moi’s government.

Things worsened for him as he started resisting Raila Odinga whose party had suspended him. He even went on to write a book, “Peeling Back The Mask” that Raila’s supporters saw as a critical attack to their boss leader. The launch of the book brought about chaos across ODM’s strongholds where he was launching the book. At one time while in the coasta; region, he was attacked by Raila’s supporters and his survival was just due to the police quick response.

Miguna resignation from ODM in 2012 saw him support Raila’s greatest rivals, Uhuru and Ruto in 2013 general elections. He also publicized that he was going to run for Nairobi Gubernatorial seat as an independent candidate but ended up cancelling the move. He would later come back for the seat in 2016 as an independent candidate and try to convince the society to vote for him using his manifesto but was not privileged to win.

In 2017, Miguna again reunited with Raila, who had lost his presidential battle. He became the most outspoken lawyer of Raila who was lucky enough to gain favor in the Supreme Court’s decision, that nullified the election. He went on and still goes on to claim that he is the leader of the National Resistance Movement that had been sestablished by Raila Odinga.

Miguna’s most daring activity was to swear in Raila Odinga who was claiming to be the people’s president. This act made the government to arrest and sue him of treason but he was released on bail. The government still went on to take his Kenyan passport and he was forced to move out of the country on claims that the Kenyan passport had some frauds. He attempted to return to Kenya on March 26th 2018 from Dubai but the government denied him entry and was detained at the airport. He was later returned to Dubai where he proceeded to Canada.

Miguna attempted again to return to Kenya and publicized this activity claiming that the court had given him permission to return. This however did not happen because the airlines denied him a chance to return home using their flights with claims that the government of Kenya had given warnings concerning him. Several court orders from the High Court an Supreme Court had cited orders to allow Miguna back home but the government defiled this orders. His return home date is still unknown to the public.

Miguna’s voice in Kenya continues to be heard in Kenya through his many books that describes different politicians and the political state of Kenya. He also uses his twitter account to spread his gospel where describes Raila Odinga as a conman.

Miguna’s bravery to utter any words concerning any one in his media interviews astonish many people nationally and internationally. His energy to rise up and take the role of a chief justice of swearing in a president saw him gain publicity internationally. He is also seen as a person who never lacks words to respond to anyone who comes in his way.



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