To most of his fans, NF is the angry fast rapping lyricist, spitting his lyrics full of stories to tell and new emotion to reveal in new ways. Nate, born Nathan Feuerstein is a 29-year-old rapper from Gladwin, Michigan. He rose to stardom after him releasing conscious songs targeted at troubled youth.

Nathan’s mom died when he was still in high school, after a lethal overdose of opium, this devastated Nate and left him with questions only his mother could answer. He later wrote a song about this incident and about their tough relationship with his biological mother, the song, titled ’how could you leave us’, is an emotional single that led some fans to tears. Nathan had a rough childhood once claiming that his mother hid her ex-boyfriend in the trunk when picking him and his sisters up from their grandmother’s house, the boyfriend in question was the reason Nate’s father took the children from their mom because he had mistreated the two youngest siblings numerous times.

Music came to NF as a place of refuge when he was growing up. He spent most of his time listening to various artists, most notably Eminem, who Nate has claimed to be his most influential rapper. He started trying out different beats and instruments at the age of 12 around the same time he started to write raps too, which he recorded in a karaoke machine. As a teen, he went to several rap competitions usually ranked in the top ten until he won the top spot at the National Fine Arts Festivals.NF

NF released his first album in 2010 as a solo produced album. ’Moments’, released before he took up his stage name, NF. The release of his first EP, ’NF’, was his defining moment in the mainstream industry, peaking at number 12 on the Christian charts and debuting at number fifteen on the rap albums. He released his next album, ’Mansion’, and it peaked at number sixty-two on the Billboard charts, he later released an album titled ’Therapy Session’ which topped the rap album charts and went to the top twenties on the Billboard charts.

NF’s song, ’let you down’, is certified Diamond platinum by RIAA. The single is on the album ’Perception’. The song topped the Billboard Top 100 which was a pleasant surprise considering the fact that NF did not have any other single on the top 100 list prior to ’Let you down’.NF got engaged to one Bridgette Doremus in early 2018.



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