Kim Jong Un’s youngest sister is possibly North Koreas next ruler and she goes by the name Kim Yo- Jong. But why is this lady dangerous? Behind her innocent face is a very dark power. Just 3 years ago U.S.A blacklisted top North Korean officials like her for severe human rights abuses, enslavement, torture and many other more. As the supreme leader’s right hand woman Kim Yo- Jong definitely knew about them. But it’s not only North Koreans that needs to understand the dangers of her becoming a leader.

North Korea is one of the only nine countries with nuclear bombs and she seems even less open for global peace talks than her brother Kim Jong Un. Only two months ago while representing Korea Kim Yo- Jong decided to put an end to Trump’s nuclear talks. She said  that the continuation of talks would only happen  if the United States Of America  made major changes in its attitude and diminished its dangerous policy towards North Korea . Nuclear power in the wrong hands is a huge deal and that is why we need to know who she exactly is. According to research, much like her brother Kim Yo- Jong was a sheltered child who lived and studied in Swizerland but she went back to Pyongyang to get a degree in computer science.It all sounds very normal until you realize that she is the Hermit Kingdom’s most powerful woman. She is only in her early 30’s yet Kim Yo- Jong holds some very high positions in a country where women don’t have as many rights.

Kim Yo- Jong is the second female ever to be appointed to North Korea’s highest decision making council. Kim Jong Un trusted her so much, he chose her to represent their country in South Korea in 2018. In the same year she also came with her brother to meet China’s and U.S.A’s presidents. But what says more about her is that she controls the North Korea’s propaganda machine.  Dangerous machine that made citizens worship their leaders as gods. A propaganda machine that is responsible for the way all foreign trips show North Korea as a fun place. A machine that spreads a big lie to the outside world promoting the idea that their highly oppressive country is not as bad as we think. Only recently the world heard rumors that Kim Jong Un may be dead and despite the fact that North Korea is still bias against women, Kim Jong Un’s other brother chose music to politics and furthermore, Kim Jong Un’s own children are too young to rule.

Kim Jong’s blood may be the way she takes over as a very dangerous leader. Yes indeed she is very dangerous. She even blew up a building just to send a clear message of her power. Kim Jong Un performed nuclear tests more than his father and grandfather all combined together and the world could expect even worse from someone so desperate to prove her worth.  Only time will show what the future holds for 25 million North Koreans and us. May Kim Yo- Jong remind us of how lucky we are to be able to vote for our leaders unlike the people of North Korea and as you vote don’t be deceived by someone’s looks or empty’s words. Use your right to vote only to create a better world.



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