Everybody looked worried and tired after putting everything in  order. The time was now ten thirty a.m. We had been working since seven thirty in the morning nonstop. Mr. Ouru the headmaster had requested us to come early to complete the cleaning up which we had began the day before.

This was the annual speech and prize giving day at our school, Snowview Academy. All the classes had been thoroughly cleaned. The compound looked spic and span. The football field, the venue of the occasion had been beautifully lawn mowed. There were four huge tents pitched on it. The two big ones green and white were pitched on each side of the field. They were for all the pupils and teachers respectively except for the prize winners. The centre tent, white in color was for the guest of honor and all the invited guests. Besides this, was a small yellow tent where all the prize winners sat. The white plastic chairs had been neatly arranged in the tents. Between the guest of Honor’s tent and the yellow tent was a big table. On it, we had arranged trophies and certificates which were to be presented to the prize winners. When all this was done, naturally, those who had been involved in the preparations felt extremely tired. The headmaster and his teachers were worried because they were not sure whether Professor Maji Maji the Minister for education would grace the occasion. He was our Guest of honor.

When the clock struck ten forty a.m the parents began streaming in. As the head girl of the school, I instructed all the prefects, the scouts and the girl guides to lead the parents and other guests to their tents. The sight of people walking into the tents was beautiful. The parents were smartly dressed. Their confident strides seemed to scream” Snowview Academy, here we come!”

The class prefects on the other hand were leading their respective classes to the big green tent preserved for all the pupils. I stood at a raised ground watching all the entire gorgeous scenario from a safe distance. When all the pupils had taken their seats, I walked towards the school gate only to see a convoy of four Range Rover vehicles snaking their way into our school. It was the Guest of Honor with his entourage arriving. When the vehicles had parked and they alighted at the parking lot, they were met by their host our headmaster Mr. Ouru. Immediately the guest was led towards the scouts for a guard of honor which was followed by the National Anthem. He was then led to a thunderous welcome from the parents and other distinguished guests. Then the function began. The first on the programme was an introduction which was followed by the presentations of songs, dances and poems from several classes. Of interest

Was the standard one poem where my younger brother talked of “bad men who, plough other peoples farms” in his poem. This was telling men to stick to their wives as one way of being faithful to their partners. This poem received wild cheers and purls of laughter which smote the air. I felt very proud of my brother.

After the entertainments, the minister greeted the parents then gave a short speech. He was a tall bespectangled man, dressed immaculately in a grey suit. He told parents to support the government policy of free education by bringing all the children of age to school. When he was through, he gave out the trophies and the certificates to the prize winners. These included prizes in both the best academics and co-curriculum activities. The last to be called to receive his prize was the school captain Peter. I liked Peter for his commitment in whatever he did. I cheered and Happed as he walked to the podium. To me that was all but there was still one more present left on the table. It was big box wrapped in blue sparkling wrapping paper. I wondered whose it was!.

“Last but not least, we have the final present for the pupil of the year. This is a very special person in the school. Very helpful, intelligent, kind and a committed pupil. This big box is hers”, said the headmaster looking in my direction. I looked back thinking it was the girl standing behind m< Then I heard my name as the head teacher continued. I could not believe my ears. I almost collapsed It took me time to make the first step to the podium. There was wild cheering once again as the minister handed me the big box whose contents I knew not. I was very excited. In the midst of all the noise I managed to say “Thank ‘you” and walked back as proud as a peacock.

Lastly, the deputy head teacher gave a vote of thanks  before the guests  were led into the school hall for refreshments. The guests could leave at their pleasure after that. It was the best day c my life and I would hate to forget it.



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